Which Pretty Booster is Right for You? Original Pretty Booster vs. Pretty Booster+

by Kayla Reusche on July 28, 2020

Pretty Booster+ is the new kid on the block, & it’s easy to see that it is quickly becoming a fan favorite! We took our amazing Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals & added a few more incredible ingredients for even more skin-loving benefits, creating Pretty Booster+.

If you love a light, natural coverage, you will LOVE both versions of our Pretty Booster. Not only is it an amazing color corrector, but it also primes, moisturizes & provides anti-aging benefits. Wear it alone when you want lighter coverage or pair it with our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation on full makeup days. Either way, it will give you a boost of confidence while making your skin feel balanced & hydrated.

For all the details on our Pretty Booster, including how it’s best applied, check out our Founder & CEO Krista’s video here. But if you’re wondering what the difference between our original Pretty Booster & Pretty Booster+ is, then just keep on reading.

What is Pretty Booster+?

Our Pretty Booster+ has all of the same great uses as our original Pretty Booster, BUT this new formula has additional skin-loving ingredients for even more skincare benefits. To put it simply, it’s where makeup meets skincare.

A Closer Look at Our Added Ingredients:

Organic Hemp Oil has earned the reputation of being “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil”. It’s very effective at soothing & healing dry skin with its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, making it ideal in relieving inflammation associated with eczema & psoriasis. It also helps replenish moisture, protect against cellular damage & diminish fine lines & other signs of aging.

Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil is known for its skin restoring properties like being deeply nourishing & rejuvenating. It’s also used to treat acne & eczema while soothing irritated skin.

Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil gives Pretty Booster+ its signature soft aroma while helping tone the skin & increase its suppleness. Ylang ylang also reduces inflammation & helps to neutralize oil while improving acne-prone skin.

Watermelon Seed Oil deeply cleans the pores by dissolving dirt & impurities, leaving the skin cleansed & nourished. It also balances oily skin & improves acne by removing excess sebum.

What’s the Difference Between Pretty Booster & Pretty Booster+?

Our Pretty Booster+ is a touch more lightweight & creamy when compared to our original Pretty Booster. While not a lot, Pretty Booster+ is a bit more moisturizing with the addition of more skin-loving ingredients. While they have similar coverage, Pretty Booster+ has a more satin finish whereas our original Pretty Booster is a bit more dewy.

Both versions of our Pretty Booster contain the same range of SPF, getting their natural SPF components from titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, carrot seed oil & meadowfoam seed oil.

Which Pretty Booster is Best for Me?

Pretty Booster+ is recommended for those with dry, oily, aging, or acne-prone skin. The additional ingredients in Pretty Booster+ make it even more beneficial for those looking for anti-aging or reverse aging benefits as well as those looking to neutralize oily skin & acne.

Original Pretty Booster will be best for those who are sensitive to essential oils or don’t prefer them in their makeup.

Picking a Shade

Use the comparison chart below to help find your Pretty Booster+ shade, or reach out to us for help! Just text us at 877-773-8890 or send an email to, & our team of beauty experts will color match you.

Whether you prefer our original Pretty Booster or Pretty Booster+, get ready for it to become a staple in your makeup routine!


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