Which Root Facial Mask is Right For You?

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Is mask night your favorite night of the week? Because it sure is for us! Although quiet nights may be hard to come by, there’s nothing better than pampering your skin with some much needed self care. Facial masks aren’t only a therapeutic experience in itself, but they do wonders for your skin, too. These concentrated treatments work with the rest of your skincare routine to get you closer to your ultimate skincare goals.

How to Prep Your Skin for a Face Mask

First, always make sure you have a clean base. We love to first remove our makeup with a Beauty Balm & then go in for a second cleanse with a cleanser of your choice. The double cleansing method will ensure that your skin is cleared from makeup & impurities.

Next, use a toner to gently exfoliate. When you tone before masking, your mask doesn’t have to work as hard. Follow by spritzing your face with some Pretty Mist for added hydration. These final steps will prepare your skin for the mask by soothing your skin & getting rid of excess impurities. Think of it like a skincare primer - you’re priming your skin to get the most benefits as possible from your mask.

How to Pick Your Mask

Now that your skin is prepped & ready to go, let’s dive into all the different masks we offer at Root.

Peppermint + Kaolin Toning Mud Mask

Best mask for oily skin + acne. 

Our Peppermint + Kaolin Toning Mud Mask is ideal for anyone looking to calm redness & balance oily or acne-prone skin. It’s cooling & detoxifying to give you a deep clean while minimizing pores without drying you out. With the addition of hyaluronic acid, it locks in moisture & leaves your skin super soft.

A powerhouse combination of kaolin clay, bentonite clay, activated charcoal, neem extract, peppermint essential oil & the natural salicylic acid of organic white willow bark extract purge impurities & excess oil from the skin while antibacterial properties gently treat acne & inflammation.

If you are looking for a quick fix to reduce acne or inflammation, give our Peppermint Mud Mask a try as an overnight spot treatment. Just apply to any blemishes before bed & wake up to refreshed skin!

Pretty Tip: We’ve even used this mask to help ease congestion. Try applying around your nose & lower forehead before bed to help tone & tighten, while peppermint essential oil works open the airway & decongest. Talk about multi-tasking!

Moroccan Lava + Rosehip Resurfacing Clay Mask

Best mask for detoxifying + improving texture. 

Our only powder mask, the Moroccan Lava + Rosehip Resurfacing Clay Mask is our most detoxifying mask, designed to give you the deepest clean for visibly tighter pores & skin. It gently exfoliates & improves the texture of your skin. 

One of our favorite things about this mask is that you can customize it to your unique skin concerns. To use, mix 1 tsp of the powder mask with 1 tsp of any liquid mixing medium. We especially love using our Pretty Mist or Beauty Sleep. For an ultra hydrating mask, mix the powder with your favorite Beauty Sleep or Beauty Balm. The mask may not dry down fully with these mixing mediums, but your skin will soak in all of that hydration for a rejuvenated & radiant complexion. For extra customization, add a drop of your favorite skin-safe essential oil for extra aromatic & skincare benefits.

Fresh Face Grapefruit + Dead Sea Mud Mask

Best mask for toning the skin.

Our Fresh Face Grapefruit + Dead Sea Mud Mask is ideal for those with combination skin, looking for anti-aging benefits with any dryness or acne. It works to pull out impurities while restoring your skin's texture & tone.

Formulated with mud from the Dead Sea in the Middle East, this ingredient is extremely rich in minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium which help to improve your skin’s functionality & elastin. Dead sea mud also contains many antimicrobial properties which might help you to have fewer breakouts, too.

Antioxidant Boost Pomegranate + Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mud Mask

Best mask for dry skin. 

Our Antioxidant Boost Pomegranate + Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mud Mask is our most hydrating mask. If you have dry skin this will be your favorite mask yet. It works to add moisture back into your skin, revealing a soft & smooth complexion. The extra dose of antioxidants fight off free radicals & daily pollutants, helping to repair your skin’s barrier. 

With the key ingredient of hyaluronic acid, this mask brings moisture to the surface of your skin. Hyaluronic acid’s ability to draw out & hold water works to retain & preserve the moisture in your skin.

This mask is also a favorite for extra-sensitive skin.

Bakuchiol + Vitamin C Anti-Aging Mud Mask

Best mask for anti- & reverse- aging. 

If you are looking to minimize & prevent fine lines, our Bakuchiol + Vitamin C Anti-Aging Mud Mask is for you. The natural retinol properties found in bakuchiol also work to even your skin tone, helping to reduce the signs of sun damage & hyperpigmentation - leaving you with a soft & bright complexion.

Bakuchiol is a completely natural retinol alternative & potent anti-oxidant, visibly reducing skin discolorations from environmental exposure. In addition, this key ingredient has a pronounced soothing effect on skin. Beet powder, which gives this product its slightly purple to gray hue, doubles down on signs of wrinkles & replenishes dead skin cells alongside bakuchiol.

*It’s also good to note this product can vary in color. The purple tint from the beet powder naturally grays over time but does not ruin the integrity of the product.

Skincare After Masking

Now that the mask has removed impurities & replenished your skin with benefits, don’t neglect the rest of your skincare routine! After masking, your skin will better absorb the products following your mask & make them more effective. If you’re looking for a full facial experience, here are the steps we recommend following a mask:

After this amazing lineup, your skin will feel extra refreshed & renewed! As always, feel free to reach out to us via text at 877-773-8890 or hello@rootpretty.com with any questions, & enjoy your masking, pretties!

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