Wholesale & Distribution

You're not just wholesaling root, you're joining a community.

Our Customer Experience

Founded in 2013, we have built a well-loved beauty brand by creating the safest + highest natural beauty products & offering them at affordable prices. Our mission is to provide an incredible customer experience, with over 60k happy customers. We are excited to begin sharing Root with you! When someone purchases their first Root product, that is just the beginning. They'll be joining a strong community we've built to support them in their nontoxic & eco beauty journey.

Our Company & beliefs

We’re leading the way in the eco-beauty movement, minimizing single use plastic & introducing refillable + biodegradable packaging. Not only do we, as a company, strive to be more conscious of our environmental footprint, we're building a community that shares in our mission. We hold our products & Pretty Lab to the highest standard. A 70% return customer rate & year after year growth with zero advertising is proof of exceptional products.

More about Root

Our Team

We're a small team, passionate about furthering our Root mission. Together, we stand behind an eco-conscious, nontoxic beauty-loving community. When a customer purchases a Root product, that's only the beginning! Our staff prides itself on giving superior customer service. From naming products after customers to using customers in all of our marketing, the customer experience shapes everything we do as a company.

Your customers will love Root

Apply to Wholesale

We work with brick & morter + online retailers, salons, spas & massage therapists to offer both retail options & bulk packaging to use Root products in professional services.

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• We offer 40% off all Root products for approved wholesalers. 

• Low initial order of $150+ 

• Low minimum of 3 per SKU orders

• We offer 60% off exclusive bulk Root products for use in professional services

• We do not allow our products to be sold on third party sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.


Click below to view our current wholesale offering on Faire.

See a product on our main site that's not available through Faire? Fill out an application to wholesale directly with us & gain access to all Root products. We'd love to chat & see what you're interested in. Want more info? Email us at hello@rootpretty.com