Create less waste. It's important.

It is our mission to be as mindful as possible with our packaging. We make every effort to reduce, reuse & recycle everything at Root. We are working hard to offer refill & bulk options for a majority of our products. With your effort, we can produce zero waste!


Root products are packaged as minimally as possible. Each piece of packaging is selected for a reason & sourced as locally as possible. The majority of our packaging (not just the wonderful products inside our packaging) is made in the USA & we are proud of that! You won't find any extra, unnecessary, wasteful packaging, only what we are required by law to include & to ensure products are packed safely during shipping.


At Root, we reuse as much as we possibly can! This includes accepting back the following items in clean condition: our plastic clam shells (the outer shell of our pan refill products), sample pods, cloth Root bags, clear bubble bags, metal pans from pressed/pan products & mascara tubes (we are able to sanitize the wands & donate them to a wildlife rescue where they are reused to groom the animals) in which we then sanitize & reuse when possible. In exchange for your efforts to also reduce waste we will give you 1 Pretty Point for each item returned to us.

Please return clean Root packaging for us to recycle or sanitize & reuse. It's easy to clean! Most packaging only needs a quick wipe down or gentle wash. For items we can reuse, we will take care of the sanitization.

Items may be dropped off or shipped back to us at:

100 E Bremer Ave
Waverly, IA 50677


If we can't reuse it, you can recycle it! Please recycle. We select packaging that is either refillable, reusable or recyclable & encourage you to choose one of those options. We accept back all empty Root packaging & will happily recycle it for you.


Shop Refill + Bulk

ECO Refills

Pressed & Pan Cosmetic Refills

All of our Pressed Pan products already come in refill. Just snap into a magnetic palette, like our Pretty Forever Palette, & you're good to go!

Palettes & Compacts

Pressed Eyeshadow Pans

Pressed Blush + Bronze Pans

Brow Powder + Pomade Pans

Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector Pans

Pretty Paint Cream Blush + Lip Tins

Pretty Paint Cloud Cream Eyeshadow Tins

Loose Mineral Powder Compostable ECO Refills

All of our loose mineral powder cosmetics are available in compostable ECO Refills. To refill your jar, simply cut your ECO Refill lengthwise & use a small spoon to scoop the product into your jar. For more information, watch our how-to video.

Our ECO Refill pouches are created from an innovative plant-based material derived from corn. They are fully compostable. If you don’t compost & simply toss your refill pouch, it will biodegrade.

Refill Foundation

Refill Illuminator

Refill Loose Blush + Bronze

Refill Setting Silk

Empty Refillable Glass Makeup Jars

Our Pretty Forever Jar is an eco-friendly refillable glass makeup jar. While plastic loses its integrity over time, glass can be recycled over & over again, making our Pretty Forever Jar a true zero-waste product. We encourage you to refill your glass jar with one of our compostable ECO Refills. 

Hair Compostable ECO Refills

Our Pretty Hair Day Dry Shampoo is available in an ECO Refill pouch to refill your current Pretty Hair Day Dry Shampoo bottle. Our Pretty Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner are also offered in a bulk package.

Refill Pretty Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Bulk Options

Bulk Skincare, Hair, Body & Home

Our bulk size is about four times as big as our regular size packaging. Not only are you saving money by purchasing in bulk, but you're saving the environment, too. The less often you have to purchase, the less packaging you use!⁠

Bulk Body Wash

Bulk Hair Care

Bulk Pretty Everything Soap

Bulk Skincare

Bulk Makeup ECO Refills

We currently offer compostable Bulk ECO Refills for our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation & Organic Aloe Setting Silk. Each package contains about 2x the amount of a single filled jar. 

Bulk Refill Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation

Bulk Refill Organic Aloe Setting Silk