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Create less waste. It's important.

It is our mission to be as mindful as possible with our packaging. We make every effort to reduce, reuse & recycle everything at Root. We are working hard to offer refill & bulk options for a majority of our products. With your effort, we can produce zero waste!

Compostable Refills for Powder Products

Our ECO Refill pouches are created from an innovative plant-based material derived from corn. They are fully compostable. If you don’t compost & simply toss your refill pouch, it will biodegrade. All of our loose mineral powder cosmetics are available in compostable ECO Refills. To refill your jar, simply cut your ECO Refill lengthwise & use a small spoon to scoop the product into your jar. For more information, watch our how-to video. Our Pretty Hair Day Dry Shampoo is available in an ECO Refill pouch to refill your current Pretty Hair Day Dry Shampoo bottle. Our Pretty Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner are also offered in a bulk package.

Pressed & Pan Cosmetic Refills

All of our Pressed Pan products already come in refill. Just snap into a magnetic palette, like our Pretty Forever Palette, & you're good to go!

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Save Money & Save Packaging

Bulk Skincare, Hair, Body & Home

Our bulk size is about four times as big as our regular size packaging. Not only are you saving money by purchasing in bulk, but you're saving the environment, too. The less often you have to purchase, the less packaging you use!⁠




Bulk Makeup ECO Refills

We currently offer compostable Bulk ECO Refills for our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation & Organic Aloe Setting Silk. Each package contains about 2x the amount of a single filled jar.