Root's Secret to a Natural Sun-kissed Glow All Year Round

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We all want to be tan year round, but laying in the sun all day can be damaging for your skin. Plus, as summer fades away & fall approaches, getting tan is not going to be as easy. A quick & natural way to get that summer glow in any season is our Instant Glow Aloe + Lingonberry Bronzing Lotion.

Self-tanners & bronzing lotions can be scary if you have never used them before. If you think of the orange & streaky tans you sometimes see, that is far from the reality of the natural glowy tan our bronzing lotion can help you achieve. 

Other self-tanners & bronzers contain ingredients that are not so great for your skin like parabens, fragrances & synthetic dyes. Made with aloe leaf juice, organic coconut oil & other nontoxic ingredients, Instant Glow will not only leave you looking sun-kissed, but also moisturize your skin as you wear it. Bonus points - since it is a tinted lotion & doesn't stain your skin, it will go on quick & come off with just a short rinse at the end of the day! 

Tips for Applying to Your Body

Exfoliate. Exfoliation will not only help prep your skin by removing the dead skin & any other dirt, but it will also make your tan apply more evenly & streak-free. Exfoliation can be achieved with a scrub like our Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub or an exfoliating tool like our Pretty Polishing Mitt.

Moisturize. Lightly moisturizing your joints (elbows, knees & ankles) with our Moisture Whip is key to getting a seamless color. These areas tend to absorb & catch more product, so this is an important step to an even glow. 

Build. You can always add more after the first layer if you are not as bronzed as you'd like, so start with a small amount & build, build, build! 

Application. Since Instant Glow easily washes off with soap & water, we recommend simply using your hand to apply. Working in small circles to avoid streaking is the best way to get an even & flawless glow. 

Tips for Applying to Your Face

Blend. Instant Glow can also be used as a contour cream. Simply dip your #33 Buffy Blending Brush into a small amount of product & apply in the spots you normally contour. 


Mix. As an all over tanner for your face, you can mix a pea-sized amount of Instant Glow with a pump of any of our moisturizers. Blend into your face with your hands or a blending brush & apply more if needed to match the rest of your body.

Tips for Removal

Micellar Water/Cleanser. To remove from your face, use a reusable cotton round with our Coconut + Witch Hazel Refreshing Micellar Water or use any of our facial cleansers as normal.

Body wash. For the rest of your body, you can use any of our body washes to take off your Instant Glow in the shower! 

Now that you have all of the tips & tricks for applying our Instant Glow Aloe + Lingonberry Bronzing Lotion, you are ready to get that summer glow year round!

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