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Our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation is the product that launched Root & still to this day is one of the most versatile. Whether you prefer full, medium or light coverage, you can achieve whatever finish you want with our mineral foundation. Plus, you can easily transform your foundation into a liquid concealer or eyelid primer. We give major bonus points for a multi-purpose product!

To learn how to best apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation for your skin type & desired results, watch this YouTube Video or keep on reading for some bonus tips.

First Things First - Prep Your Skin

We can’t emphasize this enough - prepping your skin with a moisturizer or serum is key for flawless application. Without a great base, your foundation will not apply as smoothly, & you may feel like it is dry or flaky.

A great universal primer is our Pretty Booster, which gently moisturizes & smooths out the skin. You can also use any of our moisturizers or serums (or a combination of products) to prep your skin for foundation. 

Pretty Booster (Original)

Pretty Tip: Keep in mind that applying too many products underneath your foundation can also cause it to smudge & wear off quicker. Take the time to let your primer sink into your skin before applying your foundation to help with the foundation's longevity.


Why Is Our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation so Versatile?

Our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation only contains pure minerals & ZERO fillers, allowing you to use your foundation in multiple different ways to achieve your desired coverage. While other mineral foundations include fillers, artificial dyes & skin irritants, ours contains only four pure ingredients: titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides & zinc oxide. Because of this, you need to only use HALF the amount of product you are used to with other brands.

Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation Shades

Application Methods

Our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation can be used to achieve whatever coverage you're looking for. So if you feel like you need a little extra coverage one day, you can use a combination of methods to completely customize your foundation routine.


Apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation wet for a liquid concealer or full coverage foundation. Simply mix your powder with a couple drops of water, Pretty Mist or Beauty Sleep.

  • Use a prepped Pretty Blender for a super smooth finish that will help minimize the look of pores & fine lines.
  • Apply your foundation wet to help extend its longevity.
  • The liquid formula dries quickly, so be sure to blend as you go.


For medium to full coverage, apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation by dipping your prepped Pretty Blender into the powder.

  • This gives you a super creamy application with more coverage than the powder applied with a brush.
  • This technique is our favorite for those with oily skin. We find that this method & the liquid method give our Pearl Powder the most longevity.


Achieve light to full coverage with a brush of your choice. Depending on the number of layers you apply & the brush you use, you can achieve any desired level of coverage you want.

  • A fluffy brush like our #36 Wonder Brush will give you lighter coverage. Work a small amount of product into the brush & then buff into your skin. You can add a second application to keep building up the coverage as desired.
  • A dense brush like our #33 Buffy Blending Brush will give you fuller coverage.


  • To minimize the look of pores, fine lines & wrinkles, use a small amount of our Organic Aloe Setting Silk BEFORE applying foundation.
  • Always make sure to work the product into your applicator. When you do this, your foundation will apply much more evenly, & you will need to do less blending & tugging on your face.
  • Wherever you want the most coverage, apply any of the above-mentioned methods there first, working your way to areas you want less coverage next.
  • Our BIGGEST tip is to start with less product & use as little as possible.

And that’s the inside scoop on one of our most favorite & versatile products, our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation. Once you get the hang of your preferred application method, it will only take you a couple minutes, & you will be out the door in no time!

If you need help finding your perfect foundation match, send us a photo of yourself in natural lighting with no makeup on to, & a beauty expert will help color match you. You can also snag samples of our foundation by clicking here.

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