Unscented Pretty Everything Soap
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    Unscented Pretty Everything Soap

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      Made with nourishing organic ingredients. You can use Pretty Everything Soap on literally any water-safe surface, your entire self, your makeup brushes, your counters, your car, your baby, your EVERYTHING!

      Our most gentle Pretty Everything Soap yet! Scent free, gentle & powerful at the same time. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Keep it unscented for delicate cleaning (my favorite product for cleaning baby bottles) or add your own essential oils to create your very own scent.

      Looking for our scented versions? All of our scented Pretty Everything Soaps are made with natural & organic essential oils and absolutely ZERO artificial fragrances! Try Lemon, Bright Side or Sweet Lavender Mint today!

      INGREDIENTS • 14 ounces
      Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Natural Rosemary Extract

      SHELF LIFE • 2 years

      DIRECTIONS • Shake before use
      HANDS & BODY: Dilute up to 10%
      HAIR: ½ Tbsp. in your hand, worked into wet hair or dilute ½ Tbsp. in ½ cup of water and work into wet hair.
      DISHES: Saturate applicator with full strength & scrub or dilute 50% for dishwasher use.
      GENERAL CLEANING: Fill a clean spray bottle with water, add 5-15%, then spray & wipe. Shake before use and use within 2 weeks.
      LAUNDRY: Start with 1-3 teaspoons per load & adjust up for heavily soiled clothes or hard water. GREAT for hand-washing delicate fabrics & wool and is bleach compatible.
      BATHROOMS: Use full strength on sponge then scrub & rinse.
      STAINS: Wet surface and apply full strength. Work into material from several directions & let sit a moment. Blot stain with dry cloth and rinse.
      CARPETS: Replaces detergent concentrates. Works well in all carpet cleaning machines.
      FLOORS: Add ⅓ cup to 2.5 gallons water. Clean as usual & let dry.
      FOAMING HANDSOAP DIRECTIONS • add 2 tbps into a foamer bottle. Fill 90% the rest of the way with warm water.

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