Pretty Mist Organic Lime + Peppermint Vitamin C Facial Mist

    Pretty Mist Organic Lime + Peppermint Vitamin C Facial Mist

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      Our PRETTY MIST ORGANIC LIME + PEPPERMINT VITAMIN C FACIAL MIST works to combat acne & blackheads, while brightening your complexion & reducing oil production. This refreshing mist contains skin healing properties that work to gently soothe your skin, making this a great choice for anyone with acne. #ROOTPRETTYMIST

      BEST FOR SKIN TYPES: Acne, Oily, Uneven

      After cleansing & toning, spritz your clean skin with Lime + Peppermint Vitamin C Facial Mist. Let it soak in, & do not rinse. Follow with the rest of your skincare & makeup routine. Use morning & night for maximum results. As a makeup setting spray, lightly mist over finished makeup & throughout the day to refresh & rehydrate.

      Other ways to use our Organic Lime + Peppermint Vitamin C Facial Mist include:

      • as a gentle makeup remover
      • as a gentle facial toner to tone & tighten your skin
      • as a makeup setting spray, lightly mist over finished makeup or throughout the day to refresh & rehydrate
      • mix with our Pearl Powder Foundation for a liquid concealer & foundation
      • as a body & room spray
      • as a facial steam
      • mouthwash, avoid swallowing & do not use with children under three

      100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS Organic Lime Hydrosol, Organic Neem Hydrosol, Organic Peppermint Hydrosol & Organic Melissa (Lemon Balm) Hydrosol
      3.4 oz net wt.

      Our hydrosol mists are freshly distilled then handcrafted in small batches by our team of certified aromatherapists. Derived from the therapeutic aromatic water that remains after steam-distilling botanicals, our hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils, but are gentler on the skin. Hydrosols make a perfect addition to your skincare routine for gentle & effective results that are 100% natural & free of toxic chemicals.

      Use within 6 months

      There are no added preservatives in our hydrosol mists; however, we bottle them in recyclable ultra violet bottles to maintain their freshness longer than traditional packaging. While not required, it is recommended to store our hydrosols in a refrigerator to keep them fresher longer to maintain therapeutic & skincare properties.

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