Sample Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum

    Sample Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum

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      Our Beauty Sleep Serum is the most light weight facial oil on the market. Six ingredients are perfectly formulated to help balance your skin’s natural oil production. Grape seed, argan, Australian sandalwood, and coveted organic helichrysum essential oil combine to deeply moisturize your skin while encouraging cell regeneration, reducing fine lines, and helping soothe acne, eczema and psoriasis with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Paired with the natural brightening properties of pink grapefruit essential oil, this serum is designed to balance all skin types while providing the right amount of hydration. Can be used both day and night.

      Apply 2-4 drops (or 1-2 pumps if using the BOSS size) of Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum on a freshly washed face. Can also be used as a cuticle and hair conditioner. Rub a few drops into your cuticles or apply 2-4 drops (1-2 pumps) to the ends of your hair.

      Grape Seed Oil
      is rich in vitamins & proteins. Grape Seed Oil helps smooth scars & wrinkles & is full of anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties making it wonderful to help clear & prevent acne. This amazing ingredient leaves your skin feeling fabulous & full of moisture.

      Argan Oil is a natural oil well known for it's moisturizing & skin soothing capabilities. It helps reverse the signs of aging as well as scars. It helps to balance oily & dry skin.

      Australian Sandalwood Oil is a natural skin conditioner that also has excellent anti-bacterial agents.

      Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil is a coveted Essential Oil known for it's skin restoring properties. It is also used to treat acne & eczema, all while soothing irritated skin.

      Bergamot Essential Oil is an uplifting citrus scented Essential Oil that helps combat oil production, acne & psoriasis.

      Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil naturally brightens your skin with the soft sweet scent of grapefruit. It leaves your skin absolutely glowing.

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