What *Really* Happens When You Switch to a Natural Deodorant

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ECO DEO Probiotic Deodorant

My Switch to ECO DEO Probiotic Deodorant
(Releasing 2/1)

Common drugstore deodorants & antiperspirants include a bunch of toxic ingredients including triclosan, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates… & fragrance. Don’t get me started on “fragrance”. Probably one of the worst ingredients is aluminum. Did you know that research suggests underarm antiperspirants containing aluminum can absorb into the skin & have estrogen-like effects, in turn potentially promoting the growth of breast cancer cells? (Source: cancer.gov) Over time, our bodies become dependent on that aluminum to slow sweating & without it, we think we’re sweating overtime & smelling up the room!

Personally, I never thought a natural deodorant could work for me. I was such a heavy sweater in high school - imagine me pitting out in class while I was sitting there doing nothing - that kind of heavy sweating. When Krista, our Founder & CEO, said she was formulating ECO DEO, our probiotic deodorant, I didn’t know if that would be a product I’d be able to use. She proved me wrong. Switching to natural deodorant hasn’t been an overnight success for me, but I know that’s just my body going through the natural “pit detox,” & I’ve seen improvement EVERY SINGLE DAY. As I have embarked on this switch to ECO DEO, I’ve been writing down thoughts daily so I can tell you what *REALLY* happens when you make the switch to natural deodorant.

First things first. Let’s talk about the difference between an antiperspirant & deodorant.

An antiperspirant reduces the amount you sweat, usually with sweat gland-clogging ingredients like aluminum. ECO DEO is a natural deodorant, NOT antiperspirant, meaning it won’t stop sweat. Remember, sweating is natural. Our bodies are supposed to sweat; it's what regulates your body temperature & cleanses your body of toxins. When you stop that natural process, you’re preventing your body from doing what it was made to do. Deodorants target the bacteria that cause odor. That’s what we’re doing here with ECO DEO, only on a higher level because we’re introducing probiotics, too. 

So what is a
probiotic deodorant?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria. Normal deodorants work to remove unhealthy bacteria which causes odor, but here, we’re not only removing, but replacing it with healthy bacteria which regulates your body’s natural microbiome & neutralizes the odor while nourishing your skin. Probiotics have also been seen to help soothe common skin irritations like eczema too, so this deodorant is also great for those with sensitive skin.

Making the Switch

Like I said, I was pretty hesitant to make the switch to an all-natural deodorant like ECO DEO. When you stop using a harmful aluminum-filled antiperspirant like I had been for decades, you’re bound to experience substantial odor & sweating. That’s when people stop; they think, “Natural deodorant doesn’t work for me.” That abrupt, but necessary, halt in aluminum allows odor-causing bacteria to start growing again, as well as additional moisture (sweating) that’s trying to flush all those toxins out. For me, it only took a few days to regulate, & I have a few great tips that made the process easier! I’m on day 7 right now, & I know it’ll only get better from here. 

My Daily Pit Log:

Day 1 -Saturday
I made the switch! I used to use a highly toxic aerosol deodorant that rhymed with Love. I figured today was a good day to make the switch because I would be home all day with my boys & husband. 

Day 2 - Sunday
Today was the first day I really left the house & did something with my new ECO DEO. I reapplied about noon-ish because I felt like I could smell myself. After reapplying, I felt much more comfortable. I haven’t really seen my body adjust much yet. 

Day 3 - Monday
I can tell my body is adjusting. I am less smelly, although every once in a while I do get a whiff. I do think I’m a bit sweatier right now (11:30am) than usual because my old toxic deodorant was also an antiperspirant. I just have to remember ‘sweating is normal!’. However, I’m not sweating to the point where I’m pitting out. Every time I ask friends & coworkers if I smell, they say no (& I know they’d be honest!). I think it's mostly just me that can smell it.

Pretty Tip: I have been carrying my ECO DEO with me in my work bag. That way I can have it with me in the office & reapply if I’m feeling self conscious. A quick swipe makes me feel way better.

Day 4 - Tuesday
HAHA ok take that back. I am stinky today, but I think it’s because I didn’t get a shower in last night. With 5-month old twin boys that doesn’t always happen. Today I tried a trick that WORKED!

Pretty Tip: If you’re feeling extra stinky during your detox, give your pits a spritz with our Pretty Mist. I used our Peppermint + Lime Pretty Mist & it helped to refresh the smell. Its antibacterial properties help to regulate odor. 

Day 5 -  Wednesday
(Got a great shower in last night.) Feeling good today & not really noticing a huge difference between ECO DEO & my old deodorant today.

Day 6 - Thursday
This evening I had my first workout while using ECO DEO. Well, to be honest, it was just a simple stretchy yoga session, but after having not worked out for a while postpartum, it was a good workout for me. I definitely smelt the stink & felt the extra moisture, but it wasn’t awful.

Day 7 - Friday
So far so good (it’s about noon). I feel a bit sweatier today in general because it’s early access launch day at Root which is always a bit more stressful. (Shameless plug to join the Root Pretty Club Facebook Group for early access to sales + new releases.)

Pretty Tip: Use a natural starch powder like arrowroot as a quick moisture absorber. I used our Original Untinted Pretty Hair Day Dry Shampoo, & it worked like a charm. 

Overall, I’m feeling awesome having switched to a natural deodorant.

The switch hasn’t been as hard as I’ve thought, but I can definitely see why people give up on their detox journey if they’re used to a toxic product that completely cuts off all sweat & odor. 

I’m sticking to it. I know the “pit detox” can last up to 2-3 weeks in order for your body’s microbiome to reset & rebalance. So, you have to be in it for the long haul, especially if you’ve been a serial drugstore deodorant person for years. Switching to a natural deodorant is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, & I’m here for it. 

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  • I’m glad you posted this! I was using it regularly right after I got it…after a couple days I was a little leary because I too got a whiff. So I’ve only been using it on the weekend instead of all day every day. I’m very self conscious about how I “smell” especially at work. After reading this I’m more inclined to using it again daily. Thank you!

    Carmela Thode on

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