How to Make Your Eyeshadow Last All Day

by Kayla Reusche on January 07, 2020


There's nothing worse than noticing halfway through the day that your eyeshadows are beginning to wear off! Luckily, we've got THREE methods for priming your eyes to make your eyeshadows last ALL day long.

1. Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener

Our Under Eye Brightener is ideal for those with oily eyelids. This matte base will help keep your oil production under control & your shadows looking gorgeous all day long.

2. Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector Pan

Our Prime + Conceal Cream is perfect for those with dry skin. Packed with nourishing ingredients, it helps to hydrate & heal damaged skin while acting as a great eyeshadow base.⁠⠀

3. Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation

Our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation applied wet is the most universal eyelid primer because it's a product you probably already have! Just mix with a drop of water, & it works great for all skin types!⁠

What’s your favorite way to prime your eyes?⁠⠀


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