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Try our one of a kind Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation for FREE!
Use code "MATCHME" at checkout, pay only $5 shipping & handling
It's as simple as selecting your undertone and shade. We will send you 3 colors that fall into that category. After all we have 41 different colors, your perfect match is waiting!

Need help picking your color? No problem! Email us your photo to and we will help you determine which colors will be best for you! Make sure you watch our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation video to see why our foundation is DIFFERENT and BETTER than traditional mineral foundations.

100% Natural
No Fillers
No Bismuth Oxychloride
No Nano-Particles
No Animal Testing, EVER!
Natural SPF

Allergen Free
Non-Acnegenic (won't clog your pores!)
Full coverage when applied as a liquid (see coverage directions below)
Made in the USA

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide*, Mica, Zinc Oxide*, Iron Oxides (yellow & brown)
*natural spf (the more foundation you apply the more sun protection)


Our samples let you find your perfect color of Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation before buying a full jar. Plus, we are so confident that you will LOVE our makeup that we let you try it first!
  • Sample pods contain approximately 1/4 teaspoon of foundation & last multiple applications, depending on usage.
  • Need help choosing your color, email us your photo to
    1. The letter stands for the tone of your skin
      • N for Neutral tone
      • W for Warm tone
      • G for Golden tone
      • C for Cool tone
        2. The number stands for the shade level, 1 being the most fair - 10 being the darkest


        These are the colors you will get based on the Undertone & Shade you select:
        Cool Fair = Samples C1, C2, C3
        Cool Light = Samples C3, C4, C5
        Cool Medium = Samples C5, C6, C7
        Cool Tan = Samples C7, C8, C9
        Cool Dark = Samples C9, C10, N9

        Neutral Fair = Samples N1, N2, N3
        Neutral Light = Samples N3, N4, N5
        Neutral Medium = Samples N5, N6, N7
        Neutral Tan = Samples N7, N8, N8.5
        Neutral Dark = Samples N8.5, N9, N10

        Warm Fair = Samples W1, W2, W3
        Warm Light = Samples W3, W3.5, W4
        Warm Medium = Samples W4, W5, W6
        Warm Tan = Samples W6, W7, W8
        Warm Dark = Samples W8, W10, G9

        Golden Fair = Samples G1, G2, G3
        Golden Light = Samples G3, G3.5, G4
        Golden Medium = Samples G4, G5, G6
        Golden Tan = Samples G6, G7, G8
        Golden Dark = Samples G8, G9, W10

        Want custom sample colors? Select "Leave Note of 3 Colors at Checkout" for both Undertone & Shade - make sure you leave the colors you would like the the Note to Root section on the first checkout page.

        On the second checkout page you will find Discount Code box. Enter code MATCHME for $6 off 3 samples.

        Let us color match you!
        Please e-mail your photo to (natural lighting is best)

        Light to Medium Coverage • For light to medium coverage foundation apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation with our Root #64 Fluffy Flat Kabuki.

        • Open sifter & tap Pearl Powder into your lid. Swirl your Root #64 Fluffy Flat Kabuki in your foundation & tap off excess powder. Apply all over your face in a circular, buffing motion.

        Medium to Full Coverage • For medium to full coverage foundation apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation with our Pretty Blender.

        • Prep your Pretty Blender by submerging into running it under water. Squeeze your Pretty Blender applicator until it is completely saturated with water. This will soften up your applicator - making it the perfect tool for an airbrushed complexion. After it has expanded completely, squeeze Pretty Blender into a dry towel to remove as much water as you can.
        • Open sifter & tap Pearl Powder into your lid. Dip Pretty Blender into your foundation & apply all over your face, blending as you go. Flip Pretty Blender over to blend larger areas like your cheeks, chin & forehead with the flatter surface. Use the pointed end to get into smaller areas like under your eyes & around the corner of your nose.

        Full Coverage Liquid Foundation & Concealer • For full coverage liquid & to use as a concealer mix your Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation with a touch of water.

        • It's a easy as tapping a little Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation into your cap, running your finger under water & mixing. We told you this was the highest grade cosmetic minerals & here's your proof. Watch as it turns into a perfect liquid makeup.
        • The perfect liquid consistency won't be too runny or too thick, add more water or powder as need.
        • Apply with your finger or our Pretty Blender. Use to conceal any areas or all over your face for full coverage.
        • Blend liquid in as you apply it. It will dry quickly & once dry it will not smudge until you wash it off.

        Offer valid online only • in store we will gladly color match you anytime!

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