An effective nontoxic skincare routine for

clear, radiant & revitalized skin.

Intro to Clean Skincare Bundle

Vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, nontoxic

Skin-loving, high-quality ingredients

Clean, effective results at an affordable price

Formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive

Simple 5-step routine with trial size products
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Your best skin yet, naturally.

Highest quality ingredients.

Root products are formulated using the best handpicked ingredients that are concentrated, potent, pure & organic.

Clean & clear complexion.

Great for all skin types, this bundle works to alleviate acne, tone, hydrate, balance & brighten your complexion while providing anti-aging benefits.

A major hydration punch.

Specifically designed to hydrate & plump your skin while balancing oil production.

Radiant, glowing skin.

Packed with skin-loving vitamins & nutrients to soften lines & give you a lit-from-within glow.

Skin-loving ingredients with glowing results.

Long-term results shown below. Results may be seen in as little as one use!

"2019 to 2023 after switching to Root four years ago. Thank you Root for giving me my skin back & making me feel pretty again."

Sammie S.

"Really hesitated sharing this because my skin was seriously SO BAD in 2021. (Left) The other picture (Right) is from TODAY. Truly amazing. I will live & die by these products! Using non-toxic Root makeup also helps with a clear complexion."

Alyxx L.

"I have been using nothing but Root skincare since 2018 ish. It has helped with my acne tremendously. I no longer feel the need to use makeup & get compliments on how nice my skin looks from time to time. Thank you!"

Rachal R.

It's time to make the switch to better skincare.

Designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Intro to Clean Skincare Bundle Includes:

Step 1 | Cleanse

Fresh Face Grapefruit + Activated Charcoal Clearing Cleanser

Gives you a deep clean without being too harsh

Works to alleviate acne & balance oil production

Naturally brightens your complexion

Step 2 | Tone

Organic Peppermint + Willow Bark Clarifying Toner

Deeply cleans, gently exfoliates & tones the skin

As a natural form of salicylic acid, willow bark visibly tightens pores & improves skin elasticity

Refreshes & soothes without drying out your skin like other toners on the market

Step 3 | Target

Bakuchiol + Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Natural, safe & effective retinol alternative

Works wonders on fine lines, wrinkles & hyperpigmentation

Tightens while plumping the skin as it locks in hydration

Step 4 | Moisturize

Blue Tansy + Neroli Vitamin Face Cream

Rich hydrating cream packed with essential vitamins your skin is missing

Works to soften fine lines & wrinkles

Blue tansy regenerates the skin to support a youthful glow

Step 5 | Facial Oil

Blue Tansy + Borage Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum

Calms tender & inflammed skin

Regenerates & brightens the skin

Shrinks pores while evening your skinton

*Full size product included with trial bundle

"This will never not be in my medicine cabinet!"

Hundreds of 5-star reviews.


    I must say that I love both bakuchiol & hyaluronic acid for skin care, so when I saw this serum, I of course had to snatch it up! I use it once or twice daily, & already notice some positive effects. I also find the smell of witch hazel to be very soothing & relaxing. This serum cools my skin & makes it feel much more hydrated.

    Jamie G.


    My face has never been so refreshed! I battle hormonal acne & this seems to keep it under control. Only need a pump or two, super concentrated!



    Love this for my nightly routine. My skin looks vibrant again. I have sensitive skin & have to be careful about what is in different serums or I will get a breakout. This serum doesn’t cause that problem for me, & I think it’s actually helped some of my acne. Love using this under my eyes. Definitely will purchase again.



    After hearing so much about this face cream I was ridiculously excited to grab it as soon as it released. It is fabulous! Very hydrating, the scent is delicious, & my skin felt so soft & lovely in the morning. This will be perfect to add to my routine through the winter months!

    Beth T.


    I’ve been using this cleaner for years now! It’s so refreshing & smells great. The ingredients of course are great & it leaves my skin soft & it does a great job at deep cleaning. I use it with the polishing mitt (another must have!). The bottle last ya long time too.



    I absolutely love this toner! I use it in a routine with several other root products. It’s smells so clean & makes my skin feel amazing. A little goes a long ways, which is nice. My complexion has improved so much! My skin looks clean & refreshed.

    Monica R.


    This will never not be in my medicine cabinet. I don't know if I will ever be able to go without this. It helps my skin SO much. I'm in my 30s & battle acne constantly. I've never felt like I've had 'adult' skin. I use this morning & evening to help with hormonal breakouts & have seen such a difference since using this incredible product, & am so thankful I found it.

    Caitlin L.

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Natural & nontoxic, good for your skin.



Best for an affordable starter routine.


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Natural & nontoxic, good for your skin.

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Best for lasting results.

Handmade in small batches with the highest quality & care.

We meticulously hand-make all our products in our in-house Pretty Lab, ensuring every product is made with the highest quality & is 100% fresh.

Affordable, high-quality, professional products

Only the best skin-loving ingredients

Female-owned & led in Waverly, Iowa

Sustainable & eco-conscious practices

Root Skincare vs. Them

Root cuts no corners to bring you exceptional nontoxic products that deliver results.


Specially formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Irritating ingredients & fillers that harm skin.

Only the best clean, nontoxic & skin-loving ingredients.

Contain hidden toxins, artificial fragrances & fillers.

Handmade in small batches in-house in the USA.

Large batches made cheaply by a mass-manufacturer, often overseas.

Affordable, high-quality products & ingredients.

Expensive yet cheaply made with low-quality ingredients.

Zero dyes or artificial fragrance - only safe ingredients, mineral pigments & essential oils.

Use artificial dyes & fragrances linked to skin irritation & health concerns.

Truly healthy & safe, made with natural & organic ingredients.

Greenwashed. Claim to be "clean" & "natural" but are filled with toxins & cheap ingredients.

Always vegan, cruelty-free & gluten-free.

Sometimes cruelty-free, but don't take the extra step to be vegan or gluten-free & cater to all.

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Ready to make the switch to

natural & nontoxic skincare?

Intro to Clean Skincare Bundle

Vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, nontoxic.

Skin-loving, high-quality ingredients.

Clean, effective results at an affordable price.

Formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Simple 5-step routine with trial size products.
(or upgrade to full size for best value)



Our Origin Story

Root was founded on the belief that what you put on your face should be natural, safe & enhance your beauty at a price anyone can afford.

When founder Krista Dolash was pregnant with her son in 2013, she became hyper-aware of everything she was putting in & on her body. After a deep dive into her beauty products, she found herself concerned that the mineral foundation marketed to her as "clean" & "natural", was in fact, full of fillers & harmful ingredients. She took matters into her own hands, recreating the foundation with only the good ingredients. From there, our first product was born - Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation.

What started as a hobby out of Krista's kitchen has grown into a full line of nontoxic makeup, skincare, haircare, body care & even nontoxic cleaning products.

Proudly made & located in Waverly, Iowa

Dedicated to giving back - we donate 1% of all sales to hand-picked charities every year.