Round 2

Congratulations, you're moving on to Round 2 of the 2024 Root Model Search!

Round 2 Requirements

In Round 2, we want you to show us that you have a keen eye for social media trends.

Post an Instagram Reel following a social media trend & use the hashtag #rootmodel2024 in your caption.

What trend should you follow? We’re leaving that up to you! Keep it beauty related - think to yourself, "Could I see myself producing this content for the Root Model role?" or "Could I see this being reposted to Root's page?". Your Round 2 video does not have to feature Root products. We recommend browsing Instagram & TikTok to find trending sounds & ideas. Remember, high-quality video & good natural lighting are key to moving on to Round 3!

Round 2 entry is due Feb. 11. Root will comment on your Round 2 Instagram Reel noting that we've received your Round 2 entry.

Round 2 Voting

We’ve had so many great applicants that we are asking our community to help decide who moves on to Round 3! There are two ways to vote:

1. A screenshot of your Round 1 Instagram Reel was posted to our Facebook page for public voting. Every “like” on your photo will count as a vote.
2. Every “like” on your Round 1 Instagram Reel will count as a vote.
At the end of the voting period, we will combine likes from your Instagram Reel + likes from our Facebook post to determine the Round 2 winner. Have your friends, family & followers vote to help you move on to Round 3!

The participant with the most votes will automatically move on to Round 3! Voting ends Feb. 11. Root will select additional participants to move on based on Round 2 Reels.