Prime your eyes for perfection

How to pick your perfect eyeshadow primer!

For Normal to Dry Eyelids: Our Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector is so smooth and creamy! It neutralizes your eyelid, while adding a touch of moisture, perfect for giving your eyeshadows something to cling to. We love using our Fair Prime + Conceal the most as it will not have any affect on the color of your eyeshadows.

For Oily Eyelids: Our Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener is the perfect eye primer for oily eyelids. It will mattify your lids to reduce the oil that makes eyeshadows crease and fade.

Loose Eyeshadows Applied Wet: You won’t even need an eye primer using this method! First, tap a little bit of loose eyeshadow into the cap, then simply run you finger under water & mix until you have a nice cream consistency. Your eyeshadows will go on more vibrant and will not budge until you say so!