2021 Winter Root Model Search

by Kayla Reusche on September 14, 2020

2021 Winter Root Model Search is here!

It's Time to Find the Next Root Models!

Join the Root Creative Team

Welcome to the 2021 Winter Root Model Search! We’re looking for three fresh faces to join our creative team, & we want YOU to apply!

Since the very beginning, we’ve only ever used real customers & ourselves in our marketing, & that’s the only way we’ll have it. We’ve stripped away the conventional fancy equipment, extreme editing & professional models, & are left with real beauty that represents our Root community. No matter your age, style or skill level, ALL are welcome to apply.

If you have a passion for creating high-quality content & love Root, then this is the perfect job for you. Root Models are the heart of our social media presence & creative team. Whether you love filming makeup tutorials, taking product photography or creating simple looks for the everyday person, there’s a place for you on our team.

Here’s a glimpse of the type of content we’re looking for from Root Models.

Here’s How to Enter

ROUND 1 • September 14 - October 11

1. Post a headshot photo to your Instagram with the hashtag #rootmodelwinter21 & tell us why you want to be a Root Model!

Headshot Photo Requirements:

  • Well-lit, natural lighting. Try standing in front of a window for the best natural light!
  • No filters or effects. Basic editing like adjusting exposure & brightness are allowed, but you may not use any filters to alter your appearance.
  • High resolution & clarity (not pixelated or grainy). TIP: bright, natural lighting will automatically boost your photo quality!
  • Creative yet professional background. You can use whatever background you'd like, but keep in mind that we prefer bright, light & airy photos! Check out our Instagram feed @rootpretty for more inspo.

Tell us in the caption why you want to be a Root Model! What does Root mean to you? Why would you make the BEST Root Model?

Don't forget to tag us @rootpretty, too!

Note: Your Instagram profile MUST be public during the Root Model Search & during your Root Model term if you are selected.

2. Fill out the Round 1 Form here.

Entry must be officially submitted by October 11 at 11:59pm CT.

All participants will be notified via email by October 12 as to whether they are moving on to Round 2. If moving on to Round 2, all instructions will be provided at that time. There is no limit as to how many participants move on to Round 2.

What Does a Root Model Do?

Our 2021 Winter Models will represent our company from November 17, 2020 - April 30, 2021. As a Root Model, you will tap into your creativity to produce innovative content as an extension of the Root Marketing Team.

  • Root Models must be committed to posting three times per month on their Instagram page & one time per month in the Root Pretty Club Facebook Group.
  • Root Models will be featured on our website, social media & marketing.
  • Root Models can earn cash, free product, discounts, commission & more!

What Are We Looking for in a Root Model?

There is no specific age or look required to be a Root Model. Whether you’re 20 or 80 years old, all are welcome to apply. We want to represent the Root Community as best as possible, & that means there's no one better than YOU!

When selecting Root Models, we make our decision as if we were hiring you to work for us, which you essentially will be! We look for people who we believe can connect with our community & judge off of the following criteria:

  • Photo & Video Quality • The quality of content submitted plays a huge role as models will be producing their own content. Please submit only high-quality, high-resolution images & videos. Content must be free from filters & extreme editing. Digital cameras can greatly improve your quality, though we find that you can achieve professional quality even with an iPhone.
  • Photo Lighting • Natural lighting is key! (Stand facing a window so the natural light shines right on your face.) Root Models may not use any artificial lighting in their content.
  • Creativity • Think fun, pretty, fresh & light for photos! Having a creative eye for makeup application & being able to portray this is a huge factor in selecting our Root models.
  • Personality • A Root Model is friendly & excited to be a part of our company. Having a passion for natural products will take you far!

Let’s Talk Prizes

Root Models will receive:

  • A welcome package valued at $300+ full of everything you need to get started as a Root Model.
  • Opportunity to earn cash & free Root product in exchange for your high-quality content.
  • EXCLUSIVE early access to free product releases in exchange for content.
  • An exclusive Root Model discount code.
  • A commission link, allowing each model the opportunity to earn extra money for referring Root customers.

Round Information

ROUND 1 • September 14 - October 11

Round 1 will focus on simple photography skills, understanding your style & getting to know you. Participants will:

  • Take a HEADSHOT PHOTO showing their pretty face in natural lighting.
  • Complete Round 1 Form.

Deadline: Entry must be officially submitted by October 11 at 11:59pm CT. There is no limit to the amount of participants that will move on to Round 2.

ROUND 2 • October 12 - October 25

All Round 2 Participants’ Round 1 headshot photo will be posted to Root’s Facebook page on October 12. The public will vote by “liking” photos of the Model Search participants. Voting will close on October 25. The top 3 participants with the most “likes” on their photo will automatically proceed to Round 3.

In addition to the Facebook voting, all participants will:

  • Post a VIDEO to their Instagram feed introducing themselves & demonstrating their favorite beauty tip.
  • Complete Round 2 Form.

Deadline: Entry must be officially submitted by October 25 at 11:59pm CT. There is no limit to the amount of participants that will move on to Round 3.

ROUND 3 • October 27 - November 12

All participants will post seven additional pieces of content to their Instagram feed to complete a 9-photo grid. Additional content will include at least:

  • One PRODUCT PHOTO showcasing your favorite beauty product.
  • One SWATCH PHOTO featuring any of your favorite makeup shades.
  • One IGTV MAKEUP TUTORIAL teaching us how to achieve your look.
  • One INSTAGRAM REEL spotlighting a favorite beauty tip or trick.
  • Three additional pieces of content of your choosing. Remember, creativity is key! We want to get a feel for your aesthetic & see what type of content we can expect from you as a Root Model. Take a peek at our Instagram @rootpretty for inspiration! And of course, we will always be there to help guide you with any questions!
  • Complete Round 3 Form.

Deadline: Entry must be officially submitted by November 12 at 11:59pm CT.

We will announce the three 2021 Winter Root Models on November 17, 2020.

Official Rules:

  • To enter, you must be 18 years of age (by November 17, 2020) & be located in the US.
  • Your Instagram page must be public during the Root Model Search & during your Root Model term.
  • Winning 2021 Winter Root Models will be committed to fulfilling their roles for the duration of their 6-month term.
  • Root Models also agree not to represent or promote any other beauty brands or brands that sell similar products to Root during their term or the following three months thereafter.
  • By submitting your content to us, Root Models give us the right to use that photo on Root's website, advertising & social media.

Please direct any questions to us at: models@rootpretty.com


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