Seasonal Pretty Club • Quarterly Beauty Subscription Box (Summer Box)
Seasonal Pretty Club • Quarterly Beauty Subscription Box (Summer Box)
Seasonal Pretty Club • Quarterly Beauty Subscription Box (Summer Box)
Seasonal Pretty Club • Quarterly Beauty Subscription Box (Summer Box)

    Seasonal Pretty Club • Quarterly Beauty Subscription Box (Summer Box)

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      Pictured in the photo above is our Winter 2021 Seasonal Pretty Club.

      Our Seasonal Pretty Club is a quarterly subscription box filled with our natural & nontoxic beauty products. Each quarter we will bring you a seasonal Pretty Club Box at approximately a 25-30% discount! By purchasing our Seasonal Pretty Club, you are signing up for each seasonal Pretty Club Box until you cancel (see how to easily cancel below).

      Seasonal Pretty Club will come with four full size, brand new & unreleased Root products. Each box will contain a variety of makeup, skincare, body & or hair products, along with three makeup samples from our current cosmetics!


      • 4 full size Root products that are BRAND NEW & released first to our Seasonal Pretty Club!
      • 3 UNRELEASED makeup samples.

      Once you purchase our Seasonal Pretty Club, you will be subscribed to our quarterly subscription. Any additional products purchased with Seasonal Pretty Club will not ship until the Seasonal Pretty Club ships.


      Each quarter, you will be able to add up to SIX additional products that we hand-pick for 20% off. Purchase before May 15th to guarantee add-ons. 

      CLAIM YOUR 20% ADD-ON PRODUCTS: When you add your Seasonal Pretty Club subscription to your cart, you will be prompted to add on any of the six add-on products for 20% off. At checkout, then use code SUMMER21 for 20% to reflect on add-on products. You will be able to add up to six of these products in total for 20% off. The opportunity to add on will occur prior to checkout instead of after checkout. Once you add on one product, the pop up will return for you to select additional add-on products.

      Our Seasonal 2021 Add-On Products Are:
      Product 1: EXCLUSIVE Cocoa + Vanilla Bath Balm (unreleased & exclusive to Summer Pretty Club Box)

      Product 2: EXCLUSIVE Zen Aromatherapy Candle (unreleased & exclusive to Summer Pretty Club Box)

      Product 3: EXCLUSIVE Naked Glossing Lip Serum in glass jar (unreleased & exclusive to Summer Pretty Club Box)

      Product 4: EXCLUSIVE Bakuchiol + Hyaluronic Acid Serum  (unreleased & exclusive to Summer Pretty Club Box)

      Product 5: EXCLUSIVE Phoenix Pretty Balm  (unreleased & exclusive to Summer Pretty Club Box)

      Product 6: EXCLUSIVE Celeste Pretty Paint Hydrating Multi-Use Cream Illuminator (unreleased & exclusive to Summer Pretty Club Box)


      Summer 2021 Box

      Add-On Email Sends: May 5
      Last Day to Select Your Add-Ons: May 14
      Subscription Charges: May 15
      Approximate Ship Date: June 1

      Fall 2021 Box

      Add-On Email Sends: August 5
      Last Day to Select Your Add-Ons: August 14
      Subscription Charges: August 15
      Approximate Ship Date: September 1

      Winter 2022 Box

      Add-On Email Sends: November 5
      Last Day to Select Your Add-Ons: November 14
      Subscription Charges: November 15
      Approximate Ship Date: December 1

      Spring 2022 Box

      Add-On Email Sends: February 5
      Last Day to Select Your Add-Ons: February 14
      Subscription Charges: February 15
      Approximate Ship Date: March 1

      Q: Can I add on products or customize the Seasonal Pretty Club?

      A: Once you add a Seasonal Pretty Club subscription to your cart, you will be prompted to add on six additional Root products that we have curated for the Seasonal Pretty Club Box with 20% off. You must subscribe to the box by the 15th of the month to guarantee add-ons with your seasonal box. If you are a current subscriber, add-ons must be selected by the 15th of the month as well.

      Keep an eye out for our email about these exclusive add ons & customization sent to you via email on the 15th of the shipping month, about 10 days prior to your charge date of the seasonal box (charge dates listed above). You will then have until the seasonal charge date to make any additions to your subscription. Any additional products purchased with your initial Pretty Club subscription will ship when your Seasonal Pretty Club ships (shipping dates listed above).

      Q: Can I use a discount code on my Seasonal Pretty Club subscription or other products with my Seasonal Pretty Club order?
      A: Unfortunately we cannot apply any discounts to orders placed with Seasonal Pretty Club. In addition to products in the Seasonal Pretty Club being sold at a stellar discount, our subscriptions process through a different checkout which does not recognize additional discount codes.

      Q: How do I cancel?
      A: Sign into your Root account. Scroll to Account Details. Below Account Details you will see: Manage Subscriptions. Click on Manage Subscriptions to make any changes to your subscriptions! Having trouble? You can text (877-773-8890) or email us (hello@rootpretty.com) anytime to cancel too. You must cancel prior to the seasonal charge date (charge dates listed above).

      Q: How much is shipping?
      A: Shipping on Seasonal Pretty Club is the same as our other shipping options, $4.95. We offer free shipping over $75, which will work if you add or subscribe to enough products which get you to that free shipping threshold.

      Q: Can I use a gift card to purchase Seasonal Pretty Club?
      A: Because Seasonal Pretty Club is a quarterly subscription, a gift card cannot be used, as it needs to be an active card in which it will be able to charge each quarter. If we have any extra Seasonal Pretty Clubs we may add them to the site as a regular product, at which time you could then use a gift card for this option. Watch our social media towards the end of the month.

      Looking for a smaller, monthly subscription? Join our Mini Pretty Club • Monthly Beauty Subscription now!

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