Root Everyday Brush Set with Brush Clutch
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Our Everyday Brush Set comes with 5 key brushes for everyday makeup application, packaged in a super chic, soft vegan leather brush clutch.

Brushes included:
Root #6 Lip, Line & Smudge Brush
Root #8 Angled Brow & Liner Brush
Root #16 Eyeshadow Blending Brush
Root #18 Angled Eyeshadow Brush
Root #62 Blush & Bronze Brush
all packaged perfectly in our White Vegan Leather Brush Clutch

Our custom brushes are handmade in the USA with the softest, silkiest, white vegan bristles.

To clean your brushes:
1. Rinse under warm water, always keep the brush bristles pointed down
2. Use our Pretty Brush Cleaner & gently massage the bristles in the palm of your hand, rinse thoroughly
3. Gently squeeze the bristles in a towel & dry with bristles pointed down to avoid water collecting in handle & loosening the brush handle

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