Pretty Surface Cleaner Reusable Glass Bottle
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Use our Pretty Surface Cleaner Bottle to make up to 280 ounces of surface cleaner with just one bottle of Pretty Everything Soap.

This reusable empty glass bottle features a trigger sprayer that can be switched to stream or spray, as well as off.

To make Pretty Surface Cleaner, simply at 1.75oz (or 3.5 tbsp) of Pretty Everything Soap to the bottle and fill with warm water. It's best to use within 2 weeks of making, which won't be hard to do, as it smells so great with all 3 naturally scented Pretty Everything Soaps that you won't want to stop cleaning! 

Feel free to play around with the dilution rate based on your cleaning needs. We recommend diluting between 5-15%, our recipe is diluted at 11%.

16 ounce, empty glass bottle

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