Eco Luxe 9 Piece Professional Brush Set + Case
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Our Eco Luxe silky soft brushes are made of Vegan, allergen free Taklon fibers with natural bamboo handles.  Our 9 Piece Eco Luxe Brush Set has a brush for all of your makeup needs.

Our Professional Eco Luxe Brush Set includes:
Large Powder + Bronzer Brush • 7.25"
Blush Brush • 6.5"
Foundation Brush • 6"
Flat Eyeshadow + Concealer Brush • 6.25"
Angled Eyeliner + Brow Brush • 6.25"
Eyeshadow + Crease Blender Brush • 6.5"
Lip + Liner Pointed Brush • 6.25"
Lash Comb + Brow Brush • 6.75"
...all wrapped up in our hemp cotton brush case.

To clean your brushes:
Rinse under warm water with bristles pointed down
Use our Pretty Cleaner Brush Cleaner (or mild soap) & gently massage the bristles, rinse thoroughly
Dry with bristles pointed down to avoid water collecting in handle & loosening the brush

To wash your case:
Wash in cold water on gentle cycle & air dry

*Sold separately set retails for: $78

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