Your Perfect Pearl Powder Color Awaits!

The most difficult part of choosing a foundation is picking the right color!  We know how frustrating it can be & let's face it, getting the wrong color is such a bummer.  Our $2 sample pods let you try our mineral makeup to find your perfect match before purchasing a full jar.  Plus, we are so confident that you will LOVE our makeup we don't mind letting you try it first.

A lot of times the same color matches a variety of people.  This is because our foundation is not overpowering & blends with YOUR skintone as opposed to trying to change it!  While we follow the cool, warm & neutral guidelines don't get caught up on that.  Most people will be either neutral or warm.  We ALWAYS recommend purchasing a couple samples to find your perfect match!  

If you have neutral undertones, your skin is neither pink/red/blue nor yellow/gold/peach, but somewhere in between.

Those with warm undertones will notice their skin has an olive, yellow, gold, or peach hint to it.

Those with cool undertones will notice their skin has a pink, red, or blue tinge to it.  Only 10% of people have a true cool undertone.

Keep in mind our colors are not numbered by light to dark.

Here are our recommendations when ordering samples:

  • If you are very fair try our 1 & 3.
  • If you have cooler undertones try our 2 & 5.
  • If you are fair to light try our 3 & 6.
  • If you are light to medium try our 4, 6, Light Golden Tan & Medium.
  • If you are medium to tan try our Medium, Golden Tan, 7, 8 & 9.  Even though our 8 is described as "cool" it is not as cool as our 2 & 5.
  • If you have a dark skintone try our 10, 11 & 12.

Let's talk about our Bronze!

Our Bronze Mineral Powders add the PERFECT glow to your skin.  You don't need much at all to make a big impact.  Choosing between our Light & Original Bronze is easy.  Our Original Bronze is recommended for EVERYONE (even the very fair skinned).  It has a matte finish & compliments all of our Pearl Powder shades.  If you are very fair skin or want just a touch of brightness try our Light Bronze.  Our Light Bronze has more of a pearl finish similar to our Pearl Powders.  With both Bronzes the more you add the more bronze you will be.  Our new Sunkissed Bronze is our darkest bronze.  It has the warmth of our Original Bronze with a slight shimmer.