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Create less waste. It's important.

It is our mission to be as mindful as possible with our packaging. We make every effort to reduce, reuse & recycle everything at Root. We are working hard to offer refill & bulk options for 99% of all Root products by the end of 2019. With your effort, we can produce zero waste!


Root products are packaged as minimally as possible. Each piece of packaging is selected for a reason & sourced as locally as possible. The majority of our packaging (not just the wonderful products inside our packaging) is Made in the USA & we are proud of that! It costs more, but to us, it's worth it. You won't find any extra, unnecessary, wasteful packaging, only what we are required by law to include. We also offer naked shipping. If you select for your order to Ship Naked, we will ship your order without the reusable cloth bag & sample card that we typically send with each Root order.


We reuse as much as we possibly can! This includes accepting back & sanitizing to reuse, our plastic clam shells (the outer shell of our pan refill products), sample pods, cloth Root bags, clear bubble bags, metal pans from pressed/pan products & mascara tubes (we are able to sanitize the wands & donate them to a wildlife rescue where they are reused to groom the animals). In exchange for your efforts to also reduce waste we will give you 1 Pretty Point for each item returned to us.

Items may be dropped off or shipped back to us at:

100 E Bremer Ave
Waverly, IA 50677


If we can't reuse it, you can recycle it! Please recycle. We select packaging that is either refillable, reusable or recyclable & hope you will choose one of those two options. We accept back all empty Root packaging & will happily recycle it for you.


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