Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa • $330 Value
Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa • $330 Value
Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa • $330 Value
Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa • $330 Value
Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa • $330 Value
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    Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa • $330 Value

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      Our Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa is an incredible $330 value gift package that consists of two gift certificates to our new natural & organic spa - The Root Spa in Waverly, Iowa - & four luxury spa beauty products.

      The Root Spa gift certificates can only be redeemed at The Root Spa ( at 124 2nd St NE, Waverly, Iowa.

      What's in our Luxury Spa Day Package at The Root Spa?

      90-Minute Signature Massage • Gift Certificate to The Root Spa
      $125 Value

      Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage including amenities that will bring you to another level of relaxation. Using our True Blend Organic Jojoba + Sunflower Carrier Oil Blend & your choice of Root organic single note essential oils or blends, your massage will be tailored to treat your needs. Our Signature Massage also includes hot stones, hot towels, a detoxifying foot mask to refresh & renew from everyday activity & a deeply hydrating body cream. Cupping Therapy is available during a Signature Massage if needed or desired to improve circulation & promote healing.

      Signature Microdermabrasion + Hydro Wand Treatment • Gift Certificate to The Root Spa
      $125 Value

      Treat yourself with the ultimate facial. This facial provides the highest level of relaxation with skincare benefits. Beginning with a skin analysis with one of our expert estheticians, our this Signature Microdermabrasion + Hydro Wand Treatment will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), treatment mask(s) & moisturization - all tailored to your specific skincare needs. During the treatment, you will receive a relaxing neck & shoulder massage, scalp treatment with oils & a hand + foot massage. In addition, you'll be treated to our crystal-free microdermabrasion + hydro want treatment. Microdermabrasion, when combined with a hydro wand treatment, can deeply penetrate our natural & organic Root serums into your skin to address specific skin issues. This treatment not only promotes cellular turnover but also boosts collagen production & elastin, leaving your skin revitalized & glowing. 

      Luxury Therapeutics Soothing Eye Pillow

      Filled with flax & relaxing French lavender, these aromatic packs can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer & applied to the eye area for use as pain + stress relief. The flax seed filling molds to the face, provides weight & blocks out light for complete relaxation. Covered in a soft, beautiful, quilted poly velvet, the relaxing lavender scent soothes & calms. 

      Pure Glow Organic Beauty Balm

      Our Pure Glow Organic Beauty Balms are the ultimate 4-in-1 skincare product. Effortlessly remove makeup, cleanse & deeply hydrate your skin with botanicals that improve your skin's appearance for a glowing complexion! *Package includes a random selection from our Pure Glow Organic Beauty Balm lineup. 

      Pretty Mist Organic Facial Mist

      Our Pretty Mists works to add & retain moisture while calming & soothing sensitive skin & rehydrating skin + makeup throughout the day. As a makeup setting spray, lightly mist over finished makeup & throughout the day to refresh & rehydrate. Our hydrosol mists are freshly distilled then handcrafted in small batches by our team of certified aromatherapists. Derived from the therapeutic aromatic water that remains after steam-distilling botanicals, our hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils, but are gentler on the skin. Hydrosols make a perfect addition to your skincare routine for gentle & effective results that are 100% natural & free of toxic chemicals
      *Package includes a random selection from our Pretty Mist lineup. 

      Other ways to use our Pretty Mist Organic Facial Mist include:

      • as a gentle makeup remover
      • as a gentle facial toner to tone & tighten your skin
      • mix with our Pearl Powder Foundation for a liquid concealer & foundation
      • as a body & room spray
      • as a facial steam
      Wonderlip Repair + Condition Lip Balm

      Wonderlip is a deeply hydrating & repairing lip balm that protects & restores dry lips. Enriched with a powerhouse combination of natural & restorative oils, Wonderlip is a luxurious treatment that leaves your lips as soft & supple as ever. Scrape a small amount out of the jar, warm it up between your fingers & apply generously to lips as needed. Use as a daily lip balm or over night as an intensive lip treatment.

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