Does Natural SPF in Makeup Protect Your Skin?

by Kayla Reusche on August 06, 2020

Which type of kid were you - the type that always left the house slathered in sunscreen, or the one who promised that you’d put sunscreen on once you got to the pool but never did? If you were the former, you were years ahead of your age!

While it’s tempting to skip out on sunscreen to get a little tan, exposing your bare skin to the sun can drastically affect your skin over time. Exposure to UV rays can cause signs of premature aging & sun damage like wrinkles & sun spots to name a few.

Image of Root Model Jenn rockin' Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation & hat to protect against sun damage

To protect against sun damage, we
always recommend applying a product with SPF in it if you are going to be in the sun.

We get asked all the time if our makeup contains SPF, & the answer is YES!

Our tinted Pretty Boosters & Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation contain titanium dioxide & zinc oxide, two superstar ingredients that function as mineral sunscreens.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is used to absorb UV radiation to protect the skin. Unlike other ingredients used in sunscreens which may absorb only a part of the UV radiation, titanium dioxide is extremely efficient at protecting against all aspects of UV light that can affect the skin – absorbing & scattering both UVA + UVB rays. You will find titanium dioxide in our Pretty Boosters, Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation, blushes, bronzes, eyeshadows, Pretty Balms & Vegan Shea Butter Lipsticks.

Image of Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation

Image of Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is derived from the naturally reflective material zinc & provides protection against the broadest range of ultraviolet rays - including short & long UVA rays & all UVB rays. Ultra-gentle, zinc oxide is both non comedogenic (non-pore clogging) & antimicrobial, making it an excellent protectant for those with sensitive skin. Not only is it gentle, but the antimicrobial properties can also help to alleviate skin damage if you do get sunburned. In addition to our Pretty Boosters & Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation, you’ll find zinc oxide in our loose & pressed bronzes, pressed blushes & pressed eyeshadows.

Our makeup has not been certified by the FDA for its sun protection value, but based on active SPF ingredients, the range of SPF for Pretty Booster & Pretty Booster+ is about 15-20. Based on active SPF ingredients in our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation, we estimate it has up to 30 SPF. It is important to note that the sun protection value also depends on how much product you apply &/or re-apply, just like any sunscreen. If you plan to be in the sun for an extended period of time, we always recommend wearing an additional SPF under your makeup. Follow the directions on your sunscreen & apply it first, then apply our makeup over top for even more sun protection.

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by Chris on August 24, 2020

It’s beautiful how this model’s skin color matches her foundation!!! (If she has it on?)


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