What You Need to Know About Buying Safe Essential Oils

by Kayla Reusche on June 05, 2019

There’s so much information out there about Essential Oils that it can be hard to tell which products are safe. That’s why we’ve laid out everything you need to know to make sure you pick up the best quality Essential Oils.

Here’s What You Should Look For in Essential Oils:

Third Party Testing

One of the best ways to make sure you’re buying top-notch Essential Oils is to look for products that are Third Party Tested. This guarantees unbiased results & that the Essential Oil is pure and not mixed or diluted with other elements. Our test results are posted on each product’s webpage so you can be confident in the Oils you’re purchasing.

Labeling & Information Provided

Whether printed on the Essential Oil bottle label, or on the company website, the company should provide:

  • Botanical Name
    The botanical name refers to the scientific plant name. The name we refer to them as (like Lavender) is just a common name. More than one plant can share the same common name, so it’s important to check the botanical name so you’re getting what you expect.

  • Plant Part
    Plant parts let us know more about the emotional support the oils bring. For example, leaves allow plants to breathe. Essential Oils distilled from plant leaves tend to support respiration and deeper breathing.

  • Country of Origin
    There are many varieties of the same plants, and where they grow impact the Essential Oils’ chemistry.

  • Extraction Method
    Knowing how Essential Oils are extracted allows you to make the best choice about which Oil to use for specific purposes. There are four types of extraction methods (steam distillation, cold press, solvent & CO2), and each can change the chemical properties and make up of that Essential Oil.

  • A “Keep Out of Reach of Children” and/or “Caution” Statement
    Essential Oils can be harmful when ingested or applied to children’s skin, so be sure to do your research before using them on children.

All of this information for Root Organic Essential Oils can also be found on the product pages.

Certified Organic

We recommend only purchasing Certified Organic Essential Oils to ensure the product was never exposed to harmful chemicals. Pollutants on plants can be more concentrated when made into Essential Oils, so you could be exposing yourself to a highly unsafe amount of dangerous chemicals. This was extremely important to us when we developed Root Organic Essential Oils. We wanted to make sure there wasn’t a drop of toxic chemicals in our products.


Most essential oil bottles are made with amber glass, which allows in visible light. This light can damage Essential Oils, ruining their potency and aroma. Instead, you want oils in ultraviolet glass bottles.

UV bottles will prevent any visible light from damaging the oil. The special UV glass also allows in ultraviolet and infrared light, which will actually improve the quality of your Essential Oils. The powerful UV glass bottle caps are child proof & air tight, making these bottles the BEST way to store your essential oils!


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