What Makes A Pretty Balm Limited Edition?

by Krista Dolash on April 20, 2018

Limited Edition Pretty Balms are so unique because they are TRULY a one time color. We make our Limited Edition Pretty Balms by melting together all of the "tops" of recently made Pretty Balms from our regular colors. It is always a variety of different Pretty Balms, but never the same! We never quite know what it will look like until we start pouring the Limited Edition Pretty Balms, but they always seem to be our most favorite colors!

What are the "tops" you might ask? After pouring the Pretty Balms, the "top" or we also call the "scrape" is what we scrape off after hand pouring the Pretty Balms. Doing this is what gives the top of your Pretty Balm it's smooth flat surface.

Organic Lip Balm Vegan Gluten Free Natural

Check out the "scrape" in action! This is what we melt down with multiple other colors to create our one of a kind Limited Edition Pretty Balms. For more Pretty Lab Behind the Scenes check out #rootprettylab on Instagram.

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by Angelina on June 21, 2018

This is really so cool! Can you tell me what color pretty balm that the top is being scraped off of is? That is so pretty, I am thinking it needs to be on my next order!! 😃 💄


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