What is an Oil Cleanser & Why Should You Use One?

by Kayla Reusche on April 07, 2021

You’ve probably heard the term “oil cleansing” thrown around a lot, & rightfully so, a million questions probably popped into your head. Why would you use an oil to cleanse your skin? Can people with oily or acne-prone skin use oil cleansers? What’s the point of an oil cleanser? We're here to answer all of your questions & let you know why you should be using an oil cleanser.

What is an Oil Cleanser?

Oil cleansers are another powerful option to remove makeup & cleanse the skin. Not only do they moisturize & soften the skin in the process, but they are able to quickly dissolve makeup & excess oil, making for a super quick & easy process! No matter your skin type, oil cleansers can be extremely beneficial (yup, even for those of you with oily skin!).

LAUNCHING 4/9 • Meet our Skin Bliss Oil Cleanser

Our Skin Bliss Blue Tansy + Blackberry Oil Cleanser is the newest addition to the lineup & is packed full of some of our favorite ingredients to date. High in linoleic acid from safflower oil & sunflower oil, this powerhouse helps strengthen the skin's barrier to keep moisture in & pollutants out.

Blue tansy essential oil is the star of the show (no surprise there) as it soothes troubled & inflamed skin with its antibacterial properties. If you struggle with acne, oily skin or dermatitis, you're going to love the soothing, balancing & acne-fighting properties of this oil cleanser. Not only do you get an extremely deep clean, but our Skin Bliss Oil Cleanser also works to minimize pores, boost the skin's hydration, slow the signs of aging & correct your complexion. Now that's what we call multitasking!


Meet our Ritual Oil Cleanser

Our Ritual Sandalwood + Tamanu Cleansing & Shave Oil works overtime to minimize pores, dissolve blackheads, clear acne & even oil production, all while boosting your skin’s hydration. One of our favorite ingredients in our Ritual Oil Cleanser is tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is incredibly healing & known for its remarkable regenerative properties. While it works to soothe & repair the skin & encourage new skin growth, you’ll be left with a glowing complexion.

We know it may seem scary to use an oil cleanser on oily & acne-prone skin, but oil cleansers are actually one of our FAVORITES for those exact skin concerns. Oil cleansers work as solvents - a group of ingredients that dissolve similar substances. This means they are naturally attracted to other oils, including the sebum our skin produces & the oil-like ingredients in makeup. Over time, you will find that an oil cleanser can actually help to balance your oil production, making it a great choice for those with oily skin.

How to Use an Oil Cleanser

If you’re familiar with our beauty balms, you use an oil cleanser very similarly! Work the product onto your dry face & massage for about a minute (or longer if you’ve had a long day & are in need of some me-time). Then drape a hot washcloth over your face to allow the steam to help deep-clean your pores. Once the cloth is no longer hot, remove & gently massage the cloth all over your face to remove the cleanser.

We then recommend cleansing AGAIN for even more skin purification. After oil cleansing, follow with another cleanser of your choice. This will make sure that no dirt or oil is left behind & that all impurities are washed away. If you have very dry skin, your skin will LOVE you for double cleansing with an oil cleanser or beauty balm.

What’s the Difference Between a Beauty Balm & an Oil Cleanser?

If you’ve been around Root for a while, you know that we are OBSESSED with our beauty balms. A beauty balm is an all-in-one makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer & serum. It starts off in a more solid state, & once rubbed in, it dissolves to an oil-like consistency. So what’s the difference between a beauty balm & an oil cleanser? Which one is right for you? Let’s break it down.

The major difference between a beauty balm & an oil cleanser is texture.

Our beauty balms contain luxurious shea & mango butters, which are thicker & more conditioning to the skin. They are also incredibly versatile & can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, hydrating mask & serum. If you’re looking for a one-step skincare product, or you have extremely dry skin that needs a little extra love, you may prefer a beauty balm.

For more information about our beauty balms & to find which one is right for you, click here!

Oil cleansers are lighter in weight & do an incredible job of dissolving blackheads + impurities & minimizing pores. If those sound like your skin concerns, you’ve met your match!

When choosing which product is best for you, use your biggest skin concerns to guide you. While both the beauty balms & oil cleanser have similarities, taking a look at key ingredients in each product & identifying what best suits your skin’s needs will be the best way to pick a product.

Still not sure which product is right for you? Send us an email at hello@rootpretty.com with your skin concerns or shoot us a text at 877-773-8890. Our beauty experts will personalize a routine for you for free!


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