The Ultimate At-Home Skincare Routine, Quarantine Edition

by Kayla Reusche on April 16, 2020

Have you ever wished to have just a little more time for self care? Just an extra 30 minutes for a face mask or 10 minutes of distraction-free silence to complete your skincare routine? Well, now that we are all spending more time at home self-isolating, most of us have more time (& more of a need) for self care.

During this quarantine, we’re doubling down on our skincare routines, not only for a little bit of much-needed self care but to help our skin look its best. Sometimes a good skincare routine can fall by the wayside, but with this extra time at home, we’re taking advantage of it. It can completely transform your skin, make you feel more confident & help your makeup apply more smoothly. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

Here are Our Top Tips for the Most Effective At-Home Skincare Routine

Double Cleanse

We know what you’re thinking - “you want me to DOUBLE cleanse when most nights I can barely muster up the strength to wash my face once?” Yup, you got it! Double cleansing, or washing your face twice in a row, removes makeup & impurities & helps the rest of your skincare routine be as effective as possible.

Think of it like this - the first cleanse removes the initial layer of dirt & makeup off your skin. You can use any of our cleansers, makeup removers or Beauty Balms for this step.

The second cleanse dives deeper into your pores, removing all traces of leftover makeup or impurities. We like to use a cleanser targeted toward our largest skincare concern for this step. Not sure what cleanser you should use? Check out this blog for help! 

For an at-home spa experience, take your time cleansing & cleanse for about one minute on your second wash. Then, take a hot wet washcloth, drape it over your face & soak in every second of this spa-like experience. The steam released from the hot towel helps to deep-clean your skin & open up your pores. Once your pores are open, your serums & moisturizers are better absorbed into the skin. It's like your own mini spa - without leaving the house!


If you’ve been slacking on exfoliating, your skin will be the first to tell. Exfoliating is so important as it keeps your skin looking fresh & healthy. It gently melts away the barrier of dead skin cells clogging your pores & uncovers the new cells below. This can help remove dry skin but also allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper & your makeup to apply smoother.

We recommend using our Sugar Scrub two to three times a week for a deep exfoliation. Our formula is gentle on the skin yet super moisturizing & conditioning. It’s great for all over the body, but one of our favorite ways to use it is as a lip exfoliator! If you have dry lips, exfoliating is a must. Our Sugar Scrub will gently remove the dead skin without irritating your lips.


And if you don’t want to add an extra step to your routine with the Sugar Scrub, we have the perfect skincare tool for you. Our Pretty Polishing Mitt is a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to gently & effortlessly exfoliating. Simply pair it with your favorite cleanser for a flawless, polished glow.

Pretty Tip: Not only is it important to exfoliate your face, but don’t forget to exfoliate your entire body, too! It will leave you with the softest skin imaginable.


Next, follow up with a toner. Toners help cleanse the pores even more by pulling out toxins & balancing the skin. They can also help to minimize pores, reduce redness & brighten + even out the complexion.

If you have acne-prone or oily skin, check out our Organic Peppermint + Willow Bark Clarifying Toner. The natural salicylic acid of the white willow bark gently works to treat acne, making it the best choice for those with acne-prone skin. If you have dry or super sensitive skin, you may want to try our Calming Complexion Lavender + Aloe Renewing Toner. Lavender is an anti-inflammatory, working to detox the skin, but is also one of the gentlest ingredients for sensitive skin.

And finally, our Pretty Mists are great for those who prefer a facial spray or have super sensitive skin. These hydrosol mists contain similar properties to essential oils but are gentler on the skin. Use as a gentle toner, makeup remover, setting spray or makeup refresher!


Next up, add a serum to your routine. Our serums are highly concentrated & packed FULL of incredible ingredients to target a specific skin concern. After consistently incorporating a serum into your routine, the results you can see are incredible!


If your biggest skincare concern is aging skin, check out our Antioxidant Boost Pomegranate + Vitamin C Radiance Serum or our Organic Rose Otto + Rosehip Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum. Both use plant-powered properties to boost your collagen production, plumping your skin to help reverse & prevent the signs of aging.

One serum that is great for literally every skin type is our Original Argan + Helichrysum Beauty Sleep Perfecting Serum. Eight ingredients work together to balance the skin while also reducing fine lines, treating acne, psoriasis & eczema, & deeply moisturizing the skin.


Last but not least, never skip out on moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is an important part of your daily skincare routine as it helps balance & keep your skin concerns at bay. Moisturizers also lock in all the other skincare products you previously applied, helping your skincare routine be as effective as possible.

Twice Per Week - Mask

If you weren’t already feeling pampered enough, try adding a mask into your routine two times a week. Our Peppermint + Kaolin Toning Mud Mask is great for all skin types as it tones, tightens & pulls toxins from the skin. Peppermint essential oil feels like the ultimate treat with its refreshing & soothing properties. Plus, it makes the perfect spot treatment. Apply to blemishes before bed & wake up to refreshed & rejuvenated skin!


Pretty Tip: Don’t have a mask? No problem! Turn your favorite Root cleanser into a mask by applying a thick layer all over your face & letting it sit for about 10 minutes.

While this skincare routine may sound like a lot, we promise your skin will thank you. Take the extra time while you’re at home during this quarantine to really care for your skin & give it the pampering it deserves. It will pay off in the long run & will lead to happier & healthier skin, better makeup application, confidence & so much more!

If you need help finding your perfect skincare routine, just shoot us a text at 877-773-8890 or email us at hello@rootpretty.com for a beauty expert’s advice.


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by Alisha on April 29, 2020

Love this! 💕 where does the mask fall in with this routine? After the cleanser and before the serum?


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