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The 3 Hottest Makeup Trends of the Summer

by Kayla Reusche on August 06, 2019

This summer was the year of bold yet simple looks, & we jumped right in! Whether it be a monochromatic look, bronzed skin or colorful eyeshadow, Root Models were rockin’ these trends all summer long. Even though summer is nearing an end, we can carry all these trends with us through the rest of the year.

Now grab some inspo & let’s get started with these summer makeup trends.


This was by far my favorite trend of the summer. Adding the same pigment to your eyes, cheeks & lips makes for such a quick & easy look. Root mineral pigments make it so easy to do this! Just take your favorite pigment (eyeshadow, blush or blushing bronze), & dust it on your cheeks & eyes. Add a soft wash of color to your crease or build it up for intense pigment. To create a custom lippie, just mix your favorite pigment with a Clear Pretty Gloss or Clear Pretty Balm, & you’ve got the perfect monochromatic look.

Sarah’s Look: Juniper on the Eyes, Cheeks & Lips

Caitlin’s Look: Maya on the Eyes, Cheeks & Lips

Bronzy Eye

There’s just something about the summer sun that brings out a bronzed look. Not only can you fake a tan all summer long with the help of bronzer, you can step up your eyeshadow game with them, too. Bronzed looks will never go out of style.

Cecilia’s Bronzed Eye: So Bronze + Date Night + White Gold + 100% Lash

Autumn’s Bronzed Eye: Vintage Lace + Sunkissed + Beach Babe + 100% Lash

Fun & Colorful

What’s summer makeup without throwing a few bright, bold shades in the mix? Summer is the perfect time to play with color, & this summer was no different. Bold liner, bold shadow, bold blush, you name it, we did it. Let loose & step out of your comfort zone by adding a colorful shade to your look!

Sharice’s Bold Eye: Georgia, Tart, April, In the Navy + 100% Lash

Cecilia’s Bold Liner: Diamond

Now get your makeup stash ready & dive into these summer trends. Rock them for the rest of the summer or carry them into the fall. Regardless of the season, these makeup trends are here to stay. If you try out any of these looks, be sure to tag us on Instagram & Twitter & use the hashtag #rootpretty!

Want to make sure these summer makeup trends last through the summer heat? Follow this guide & learn how to make your makeup last all day.


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