Secrets to Healthy & Radiant Skin that Won't Cost You a Dime

by Julie Mueller on May 15, 2017

Could the secret to radiant, healthy, younger-looking skin be something so simple? What if that secret was good, ol’ H2O. Water is one of the most vital assets the body needs to survive. It is key to drink an ample amount of water daily to keep the body and mind functioning properly. 

 A huge factor for keeping skin clear and glowing is the amount of water one consumes. Lack of the recommended amount of water, will leave skin looking dull, dry and lackluster, none of which are ideal.

Water is needed for organs to function, the skin is one of the largest organs so water consumption correlates to skin health. Think of it as moisturizing the skin from the inside out. Not only does it moisturize from the inside out, it will keep organs, joints and muscles moving freely and fluidly. When you feel great, you look great. The skin is made up of cells and cells need water to function and thrive. Water aids in healthy muscles, digestion, removal of toxins and so much more. For overall healthy bodies, water is so important.

The recommended water intake depends how active one is and what climate one lives in but generally the guideline is about 8 glasses a day. More of this good thing, is not a bad thing. An improvement in skin, and many other areas, is surely to be seen if sugary drinks are replaced with water. Challenge yourself to up daily water intake and see how skin is affected!

Similarly, like the water that is consumed affects skin, the food put in the body will affect it also.

Food nourishes cells and cells need healthy food to function the way they are supposed to. The body needs the right fuel to run properly, just like cars. There is a certain type of fuel for each car, if you put the wrong kind in, the car will malfunction and not run smoothly. Staying away from processed foods is a must if healthy, clear skin is the goal; whole foods will be your best weapon for a healthy body and healthy skin.

The processed sugars, saturated fats and high-glycemic carbs in processed foods wreak havoc on the skin. The body does not process and break down or use them the same way as healthy foods. When they enter the body, insulin spikes causing inflammation, which in turn can cause breakouts. What gets put in, will definitely have an impact on the outside.

It has been long debated the link between diet and skin, it is hard to pinpoint what will cause radiant skin and what causes breakouts because it is extremely comprehensive. In a recent study done, dairy products played a role on the clarity of individual’s skin. “The exact mechanism behind this association is unclear, but Dr. Bowe suspects that hormones and growth factors in milk might play a role.” (AAD) Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s skin is different so how one plans to achieve healthy skin needs to be tailored individually.

There are a few guidelines in regards to diet that everyone can follow. Eating a diet high in whole foods will make your body and skin radiate with happiness! Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants that skin cells absolutely love. Just like water, hydrating from the inside out, for diet, fueling the body from the inside with nutrient dense foods will be visibly apparent. Limit the consumption of refined sugars, high-glycemic carbs and dairy for overall healthy body and skin health.

It is not called beauty sleep for nothing!

At night, our skin finally has a chance to rest, reset and regenerate. Depriving the body of those precious Zzz’s can have serious consequences. If beauty sleep is not on the list of priorities, stress levels will rise which in turn leads to breakouts and even some more serious health problems. Like mentioned above, skin health is comprehensive so looking at the big picture is helpful when pinpointing what areas need improvement.

Breakouts are never, ever fun but adding dark undereye circles to the mix is a duo no one strives for! Deep sleep will allow the body to go into full on repair mode, that is not something to skimp on. Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be seen as a luxury but rather a necessity. Productivity will only be negatively impacted with lack of proper sleep. There are only so many hours in a day, but make sure about ⅓ of them are filled with sweet dreams of healthy skin!

Healthy skin can be impacted by multiple factors, so only changing one habit to a positive one will likely not result in clear skin. To achieve healthy, radiant skin, it is imperative to practice overall positive eating, drinking and sleeping habits. Making healthy choices into habits will only make your body, inside and out, happier. Acne, inflammation, dark undereye circles, dry, lackluster skin? Try adding more H2O, whole foods and sleep!

AAD https://www.aad.org/media/news-releases/growing-evidence-suggests-possible-link-between-diet-and-acne

Photos by Katherine Nizzi


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