Root Behind the Scenes with Maddie Palmersheim, Beauty Assistant

by Haylee Westendorf on July 17, 2018

Root Behind the Scenes with Maddie Palmersheim, Beauty Assistant

She’s spunky, a little bit sassy, and can make anyone laugh. She’s AMAZING face-to-face with customers. She’s MADDIE PALMERSHEIM, Beauty Assistant at Root.

I’ve known Maddie for a little over a month now, and I can’t say there’s been one day where she hasn’t made me laugh. She’ll be heading back to school at UNI in the fall, but lucky for us, that’s in Cedar Falls too!

If you haven’t met Maddie yet, here’s your chance:


Maddie’s Key Ingredients

Family?  2 younger brothers and 1 older sister

Hometown? Cedar Falls, Iowa

College? University of Northern Iowa! I have yet to decide my major, but I’m thinking something in business!

Favorite Root Product? 100% Lash Mascara

Favorite TV Show? The Bachelor! #BachelorNation

One thing you couldn’t live without? I have two… Chipotle and Pancheros.

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? An actress

If you were an animal, which would you be? My cat, Vladimir. He’s super feisty, eats and sleeps a lot… like me.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? We had a Root employee get to together, and I misread the address of the house it was at. I walked into a stranger’s home!! It wasn’t even on the right street!

Q: What do you LOVE about your job at Root?

A: My coworkers. We’re such a close knit group of people. Through working at Root, I’ve met some of my best friends! Also, I love the customers and the products. Being able to sit down with someone and discuss products that I use and love is a great experience. I’m vegan, and I love that the values of Root align with my own. Finally, I want to own my own business someday, so I love that I am able to experience the growth of this amazing company first hand and play a part in its success.

Q: What does a typical day as a Beauty Assistant look like?

A: Most people hear “Beauty Assistant” and think we’re putting makeup on people all day! While that sometimes is true with consultations and color matches, a lot of our job is behind the scenes. I work with the team to pull orders, ship product, handle returns and customer calls. Nearly every day I label product and restock inventory, while maintaining the in store customer experience as well. I’m also online chatting with customers through the Root website’s live chat messenger.

Q: What strengths do you have that you bring to the Root team?

A:  I think I’m a pretty personable person, so I love the consultations and in store chats with customers. I love to make them laugh and make sure they have a great time while shopping! Also, I work well when goals are set, so I like to get with whoever I’m working with and set goals for the day. For example, 150 orders shipped, all new labels cut… things like that. I think having a light, but motivated attitude helps with customers and in tasks.

Q: Tell me about your favorite Root memory:

A:  My coworker, Sydney, and I were taking a transfer of product to the Cedar Falls location from the Waverly location, and it was downpouring rain. The back alley behind Root was flooding… literally up to our ankles! We both looked at the back door, not wanting to go and get soaked while loading the products. I ended up taking the order out because Syd’s shoes were a lot nicer than mine. I was SOAKING WET within 10 seconds!

“I really love that the values of Root are aligned with mine.”

- Maddie Palmersheim, Beauty Assistant

by Jess on September 05, 2018

The colors are so pretty!

by Christina on August 22, 2018

I love all your loose powder eye shadows. Such great colors too!!

by Jeni on August 10, 2018

LOVE all my eyeshadows, to pick just one favorite is impossible! ❤️

by Deanna M on August 10, 2018

Love the pigment in the pastel and lighter shades!

by Megan Shultz on August 06, 2018

Love the loose powder eyeshadows! They’re so versatile – use for highlighting, mix with pretty balm for a custom color, or just great eyeshadow!


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