Root Behind the Scenes with Katherine Nizzi, Creative Manager

Root Behind the Scenes with Katherine Nizzi, Creative Manager

She’s our creative and bubbly photographer, known by many customers from her super fun Snap and Insta stories, and not to mention, she’s AMAZING at doing makeup. She’s KATHERINE NIZZI, Creative Manager at Root.

Katherine touches the lives of so many Root customers each day, and is able to make them feel the Root passion from thousands of miles away. I have the pleasure of working with Katherine on all marketing efforts for Root, and I was able to ask her a few questions about her role as Creative Manager, plus a few just for fun!

Follow Katherine on Instagram: @katnizzi @rootprettykatherine

Katherine’s Key Ingredients

Family?  Husband (Dan) & Daughter (Zuzu)

Hometown? We live in Des Moines, IA

Favorite Root product? It’s hard to pick just one, but the Pomegranate Cleanser gets my skin in tip-top shape.

Favorite loose eyeshadow shade?  Zuzu <3

One app you couldn’t live without? Instagram

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? An artist!

If you were an animal, which would you be? A cat, because they’re living the life! Sleeping & snuggling all day, laying in the sunshine, and getting massages from their human friends.


Q: What do you LOVE about your job at Root?

A: I have always been a huge supporter of small business, so helping Root reach its goals and grow is very fulfilling. I absolutely adore our customers; they’re so loyal and supportive. I love Root’s belief that non-toxic products should be affordable to everyone, and I see this belief put into action every day as we continue to provide an ever-growing lineup of skincare and cosmetics that cater to a range of skin types and skin tones. Last but not least, Krista! She is the heart and soul of Root. She pours so much energy and LOVE into everything she creates, so it’s no wonder why her company has blossomed to where it is today.

Q: What does a typical day as the Root Creative Manager look like?

A:  My job is so FUN! A huge part of the job is creating content for Root’s Instagram and Facebook. You can find me on nearly all of Root’s platforms on any given day whether it be LIVE demonstrating a tutorial or on a story giving a new Pretty Tip. I also get to chat with some of the best customers on Earth! Behind the scenes, I also take all of the photography that you see on social media and Root’s website.

Q: What strengths do you have that you bring to the Root team?

A: First of all, I start every day with a smile. Even though I’m not located at one of Root’s stores, I try to spread a little happiness to other people through Root. Whether that be a customer online, or a coworker chatting from miles away. Also, I’m such a creative person (and perfectionist), so I love finding new ways to show our products in an aesthetically pleasing way. I have such a strong passion and love for what I do for Root!

Q: Tell me about your favorite Root memory:

A: I can think of three amazing memories. First, IBELA! (Indie Beauty Expo) Krista bought a TRUCKLOAD of flowers for the Root booth, and it was literally covered floor to ceiling with the prettiest flowers! Second, announcing the new Root Spokesmodel LIVE and exploring Seattle with Krista. Finally, I just absolutely love Root pop-up shops. Meeting customers face to face that I’ve talked to and gotten to know online is so exciting!


“Root customers are THE BEST! You won’t find more sweet and loyal customers anywhere else.”
- Katherine Nizzi, Creative Manager

@katnizzi @rootprettykatherine

Haylee Westendorf
Haylee Westendorf


Haylee is the Marketing Director at Root. Follow her on Instagram @hay_we4

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Shelly McGill
Shelly McGill

July 18, 2018

Hi, do you ever have pop up shops in the Des Moines area? Just ordered some samples and excited to try. I am from a small town near Waverly and thrilled to find you!

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