Root Behind the Scenes with Karna Hampton, Beauty Assistant

on August 06, 2018

Root Behind the Scenes with Karna Hampton, Beauty Assistant

She’s a natural leader, detail-oriented, dedicated to Root’s mission and values, and she’s a member of the National Guard. Not to mention, she does a mean eyeliner wing. She’s KARNA HAMPTON, Beauty Assistant at Root.

Karna has been with Root for almost a full year and is now a natural leader amongst the Beauty Assistants. She’s an amazing friend to all of her co-workers, and she’s so easy to talk to. Working with Karna regularly, I was able to ask Karna a few questions about her role at Root, plus a few things just for fun! I’m excited to share all about Karna Hampton with you!

Karna’s Key Ingredients

Family?  Mom, Dad, Stepdad, 4 younger sisters and a nephew. PLUS... I’m a cat mom!

Hometown? Corydon, IA

College? University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Psychology and Sociology.

Fun Fact? I was sworn into the National Guard this summer, and I’m heading to Basic this winter!

Favorite Root product? Pomegranate Antioxidant Serum

Favorite loose eyeshadow shade?  Lucky Penny or Gold Charm

Biggest Mentor? My father. He’s my biggest supporter and role model.

One app you couldn’t live without? YouTube!!

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? An acrobat.

The weirdest thing about you? The only dance move I’ll ever do is the worm.

Q: What do you LOVE about your job at Root?

A: First of all, I LOVE Root’s mission of providing non-toxic, green and cruelty-free ingredients at an affordable price. I enjoy working for a small business and being apart of Root’s success. Finally, I truly believe in Root’s customer service emphasis. That’s something I influence every day, and I take pride in providing the best possible experience for customers.

Q: What does a typical day as a Root Beauty Assistant look like?

A:  I work full-time as a Beauty Assistant in the summer, and part time during the school year while I’m attending UNI. On any given day I could be shipping out product, interacting with a customer during a consultation or stocking product. I naturally tend to take on a leadership role, so I really like mentoring newer Beauty Assistants and training too!

Q: What strengths do you have that you bring to the Root team?

A: I have a great work ethic and drive to help the team. I want Root to succeed and continue to grow! Connecting and getting to know the customers is one of my favorite things about my job, and my upbeat personality, empathy and overall team-focus help a lot when working with customers. Finally, problem solving is a big strength of mine, which comes in handy when getting products shipped out quickly and with high quality.

Q: Tell me about your favorite Root memory:

A: After a HUGE sale, I was apart of a team that shipped out over 200 orders in one day! That’s our fastest turnaround time and our new record! Joining together with the team to shatter our goal was super rewarding.

by Joyce McDaniel on August 22, 2018

These look like great products and thank you for having this giveaway. Follow you on Instagram as Andygal78.

by Esther on August 22, 2018

Love this. So helpful.


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