Root Behind the Scenes with Jared Ehmen, Production Manager

by Haylee Westendorf on July 05, 2018

Root Behind the Scenes with Jared Ehmen, Production Manager | Pretty Blog

He knows Root products and their ingredients like the back of his hand. He’s a huge family man. And, he’s one of Root’s hardest workers. He’s JARED EHMEN, Production Manager at Root.

Since my first day here, Jared has never failed to greet me with a hello every morning and ask about my day. He’s such an upbeat, friendly person and always willing to help with any and all questions I may have (which in the beginning… I know was a LOT). Because he works everyday behind the Root Pretty Lab doors, our customers may not see a lot of him, but he’s such a significant part of the Root culture and story.

Jared’s Key Ingredients

Family?  Wife & daughter.

Hometown? I moved around a lot with a military family. My wife and I now live in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Favorite Root product? Organic Peppermint Mud Mask

Biggest Mentor?  My wife. She’s also my hero.

One app you couldn’t live without? Map My Hike

What did you want to be when you “grew up”? A mailman!

If you were an animal, which would you be? A brown bear because they love to fish, pick berries and hibernate in the winter.

What’s the funniest thing that  has happened to you recently? Definitely getting pooped on by my newbie! (She’s just 3 months old.)

Q: What do you LOVE about your job at Root?

A: First of all, I have such friendly coworkers and an amazing boss! It doesn’t hurt that the lab is always smelling great! Plus, I’m able to work with my hands and create almost all of Root’s products right here in Waverly. The lab always smells pretty, and I love packaging each of my lab creations up for labeling and sending them off to the team to sell and ship. It’s very rewarding!

Q: What does a typical day as the Root Production Manager look like?

A:  It’s my job to make sure the lab stays on top of production. I keep products stocked up and ready to sell, maintain all inventory within the lab and order all ingredients when we need it. I manage the lab staff and delegate various production tasks. The lab staff and I make almost all of the Root products right here in our flagship store in Waverly. Also, quality is a HUGE part of my job, and I make sure each and every product that goes out maintains the highest Root standards. Truly, every day varies depending on which products are up next on the production list and which are selling like crazy! Lately the Instant Glow Bronzing Lotion has been going fast, so the lab has been smelling super citrusy and summery!

Q: What strengths do you have that you bring to the Root team?

A: First of all, I am every hard working. I keep track of all products, supplies, ingredients, and try to keep up with the demand to replenish as needed. I am very dedicated to my job and feel so loyal to Root, so I try to go above and beyond to get the work done. Good communication is such a vital part of my role, so I let the team know when any changes happen, teach lab staff and Beauty Assistants on ingredient uses, packaging and supplies. Finally, I have an excellent memory, which comes in handy when remembering ingredient inventories and recipes! (Don’t we all wish we had a photographic memory!!)

Q: Tell me about your favorite Root memory:

A: My first year working at Root my wife actually worked here too! We were able to work as a team in the lab making products. I loved being able to spend the extra time with her while doing something we both loved. She was here 2 days a week with me, so through that experience we learned to work even better as a team.


“Quality is our mission, and every product leaving the Lab is made carefully with precise measurements as well as using sanitary methods. Our customers can trust that we honestly care about everything we do!”

- Jared Ehmen, Production Manager



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