Root 2016 Fall Collection: Gilded Eye + Nude Lip Tutorial featuring Kelly from Thunder and Lace

We teamed up with Kelly from Thunder and Lace for this fabulous tutorial featuring our new Fall Collection and some of our old favorites.

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Kelly from Thunder and Lace Gilded Eye Nude Lips Natural Organic Makeup Fall Tutorial

I’m so excited for this Thunder & Lace first; a full makeup look tutorial! With spiced cider, all things pumpkin, and sweater weather on the horizon, I’m bringing you a glistening look that is perfect for Autumn. My muse? The brand new and ridiculously stunning Fall 2016 collection from Root! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to preview their new collection, and let me tell you – I was swooning from the second I got my first peek. In my previous brand spotlight on Root I mentioned that I think they are one of the most well curated green beauty brands out there; these new releases only strengthen my opinion!

This collection is full of rosey, cozy, moody goodness that I’ll be turning to all season long for a glowing and gorgeous look amidst the cloudy Seattle weather. Root’s Fall 2016 lineup features 11 new pressed eyeshadows, 2 new pressed blushes, 3 new pressed bronzers, 1 new pressed blushing bronze, and a brand new brown nude gloss! The collection goes live on their website on August 26th – until then, enjoy this little sneak peak! If you’re anything like me and warm berry and gold tones speak to your soul, you may also want to get your credit card ready (I know mine is!) 

Root Organic Vegan Gluten Free Makeup Fall Pressed Collection

Root 2016 Fall Collection: Sophie Blushing Bronze {lower center} Gatsby Pressed Eyeshadow {upper center} and Rosewood Pressed Eyeshadow {upper right} + Long time favorites: Snow Peach Pressed Eyeshadow {upper left} Brow Pomade in Ash Brown {lower left} and Dolce Pressed Eyeshadow {lower right}

I love the focus on warm tones in the new Fall collection, especially because they pair so well with the other Root products I own. In this tutorial I’ll be featuring 4 products from the new Fall line alongside many standing favorites of mine from Root’s existing collections.

Kelly from Thunder and Lace Fall Root Collection Organic Makeup SwatchesKelly from Thunder and Lace Brooke Pretty Gloss Organic Lip Gloss Makeup

Left: Swatches of Fall Collection from top to bottom: Rosewood, Gatsby, Sophie Blushing Bronze, Brooke Pretty Gloss (also shown on right)

Pictured above, Rosewood Pressed Eyeshadow is a soft, matte, brown rose shade that would compliment a myriad of makeup looks. Possibly my favorite from the collection so far, Gatsby Pressed Eyeshadow is a metallic, copper gold shadow with incredibly rich, almost gold leaf-like pigmentation. Sophie Blushing Bronze is a a warm tanned rose with a subtle gold shimmer; this instantly gives me the warmer glow I always want in the cooler months once my skin has lost its summer tan. Finally, the new season’s Pretty Gloss, Brooke, is a warm, glossy nude with zero sparkle and endless possibilities.

Without further ado, here’s how I created this 100% Root look featuring the lovely Fall Collection products shown above!

Kelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup TutorialKelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup Tutorial

First, I prepped my skin with Root’s Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals in shade Clear to ensure a flawless foundation application. I continued by applying one of my favorite bases to any makeup look: Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation in shade N3. I like to apply Pearl Powder with the Pretty Blender for an effortless full-coverage look. I prep the Pretty Blender by running it under warm water, carefully squeezing out any excess, and blotting it on a clean towel. I simply tap a bit of my Pearl Powder into the lid and gently dip the Pretty Blender in (pointed end first.) Starting at the center of the face I swipe outward – almost making stripes of foundation on my face. I use the tapered sides and the round bottom of the Pretty Blender to seamlessly blend my foundation, making sure to use the pointed tip to get foundation into any easy-to-miss places (like the edges of the nose and under the eyes.)

I finished off this beginning step by applying a sweep of the new Fall 2016 Sophie Blushing Bronze along my cheekbones. I used an angled face brush for a nice flush of color.

Kelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup TutorialKelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup Tutorial Gatsby Rosewood Eyeshadow

Next, I styled my brows with one of my holy grail products; Root’s Brow Pomade in shade Ash Brown. I use a spooly brush to tame my brows before using a small angle brush to apply the Brow Pomade; filling in any bare spots and defining the shape.

Now to the main feature! On my eyes I started by applying a sweep of the Fall Collection’s Rosewood Pressed Eyeshadow on the entire lid using a soft shadow brush. I added definition to the outside corner of the lid and the crease by applying my favorite deep, brown burgundy shadow, Dolce Pressed Eyeshadow, with an angled shadow brush. To then highlight the inner lid I simply used my ring finger to dab on Snow Peach Pressed Powder; using the tip of your finger can help you get denser pigmentation than if you were using a brush! I used this same method to finally apply Gatsby Pressed Eyeshadow to the center of my lid; patting it on gently with my fingertip and blending outwards.

On the lower lash line I created what is maybe my favorite part of this entire look; a bold, gilded line courtesy of Gatsby! With mineral shadows you can always apply wet to get the richest pigmentation possible. Knowing this, I dampened a detail brush and used it to apply Gatsby in a stippling motion – almost pressing the pigment onto my skin rather than brushing it on.

Kelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup TutorialKelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup Tutorial 100% Lash Mascara Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner

Finally, I added a pop of drama to the eyes by applying Root’s Pretty All Day Gel Liner to my upper lash line with a small angled brush – bringing my liner out to a bold, strong wing (of course!) BTW this liner truly does stay all day and is one of the easiest gel liners to use that I’ve found.

Two coats of 100% Lash Mascara on my upper and lower lashes polish the look up!

Kelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup Tutorial Brooke Pretty Lip GlossKelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup Tutorial Brooke Pretty Lip Gloss

As a finishing touch I added a delicate highlight to my brow arch, cupids bow, nose, and cheekbones using Diamond Eyeshadow and a small fan brush. This cool-toned shimmer is perfect for the fall and winter.

Finally, a swipe of Brooke on my lips pulled the entire look together!

Kelly from Thunder and Lace Root Fall Collection Organic Makeup Tutorial

So what do you guys think? Is this a type of post you’d like to see more of? More importantly though, are you as enamored with Root’s 2016 Fall Collection as I am!? As usual, their versatile, high performing, simple to use products continue to make green beauty glam possible for all budgets and skill levels.

Now, excuse me while I go ignore the 90° heat and make a pumpkin pie or something, because this makeup look has me itching for my favorite season!

Krista Dolash
Krista Dolash


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