Pressed vs Loose: What's the difference between Root's Eyeshadows?

What’s the difference between pressed and loose powder products? This is one of the most frequently asked questions here at Root. With so many pigments in both forms, it can be hard to know where to start in achieving your desired look. Are the ingredients different? Is one better than the other? Let’s demystify these products so you can become a pro at not only choosing, but applying powder products in any form.

Other than the obvious physical difference, the biggest difference between pressed and loose products are their pigmentation. While both forms have great color pay off, you can achieve higher pigmentation with less product when using our loose products. Loose products can also be turned into a liquid or mixed with other products for endless application options! Even though loose products appear to be more shimmery, neither pressed or loose are more shimmery or more matte, we offer both options in the loose and pressed products. The more you blend, the more that shimmer fades away. For even more details read on...

Pressed Eyeshadow 

Pressed products are a fan favorite for their convenience. Perfect for travel, pressed eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers can easily be snapped into a Z-palette or Doll-up case for quick access. The eyeshadow's metal casing helps them stay in place on the palette's magnetic surface. Root pressed eyeshadows contain natural ingredients such as Organic Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil that help the pigment stay in the pan, increase the saturation of the colors, help the color stay on the eyelid, and help give shimmery shades even more sheen.


Loose Eyeshadow 

Loose products are incredibly gorgeous, pigmented powders made with pure minerals. Using a minimal amount of product, you can achieve a variety of looks. A traditional way to apply them is with an eyeshadow brush (like our #16 Blending Eyeshadow Brush), then pat or blend product onto eyelid. For maximum shimmer and pigment, try applying wet! Simply dampen your brush and dip into product, or mix a little eyeshadow with a drop of water. Then apply with your finger or a flat brush like our #10 or #12 Brushes. This technique of creating a vibrant pigment with loose eyeshadows is also known as foiling. Another fun tip! Try mixing your loose pigment in with a Clear Pretty Gloss for custom, shimmery lip gloss. The versatility of loose powders make for fun and experimental looks.

Holland Eyeshadow applied dry (top) and wet (bottom)


Loose Mineral Eyeshadows also make a great nontoxic eyeliner. Use a small brush, like our #8 Angled Brow & Liner Brush with product, and glide on! 


Blush & Bronze 

The same applies for Root’s blushes and bronzers. Each shade is carefully and uniquely formulated for matte, shimmery, and even iridescent effects. 

Both loose and pressed products have a place in your Root makeup bag. Every shade is unique and different from one another, so it's ok to want them all! Still don’t know where to start? Consider the type of look you want to achieve, how much time you have to do your makeup in the morning, and how often you travel. Experiment with all types and use as eyeliners, illuminators, or lip toppers - the options are multi-purpose and endless!

Emily Stortz
Emily Stortz


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