Mother's Day with the Root Mamas - Our Favorite Root Products!

on May 02, 2018

"It was during my pregnancy with my son, Duke, that I began eliminating toxic chemicals and ingredients from all areas of our life. Little did I know that it would spark my passion to start my own company with the mission to create not only the safest products but also the very best performing products on the market." -Krista, Founder Root
The three Root products I cannot live without are Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation, Pretty Everything Soap (I love ALL 3 natural scents) & our Pomegranate Antioxidant Serum.

For starters, our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation is the very first product I made, so it holds a dear place in my heart. It's what launched Root! I love that you can use it as a liquid or a powder to achieve as much coverage as you could ever want. Plus, the lasting power is out of this world. As a mom I don't have time to worry if my makeup is still there, but with Pearl Powder, I know it's going to be there until I wash my face at the end of the day.
Next, our Pretty Everything Soaps are my one stop cleaner for literally EVERYTHING! They are SUPER concentrated, one bottle can make 300 ounces of surface cleaner, which all three 100% natural scents leave your house smelling incredible. I also use Pretty Everything Soap for all of our laundry, dishes & hand soaps throughout the house.
Last but not least, our Pomegranate Antioxidant Serum is my #1 obsession! If I ever run out and don't use it for a little while, I immediately notice how quickly my skin misses it. After just a few uses my skin is more plump & the overall appearance and brightness of my complexion is greatly improved (makeup applies so much better too). I use just two pumps at night & the results are incredible. I could keep going on about how much I love it, but just trust me, every woman (& mama!) needs this product!

100% Lash Mascara This is the perfect mascara for a day or night time look. It is so conditioning and lengthening to your lashes! Even on days that I do not want (or have the time) to do a full face of makeup Root's mascara is my saving grace! 

Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener I cannot rave enough about this product! I would honestly say this is my all time favorite Root product! I have major dark circles under my eyes naturally and they are even worse on some of those sleepless nights us moms have. This product honestly takes care of those dark circles with just the smallest amount! I cannot go a day without Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener!

Bright Side Pretty Everything Soap Pretty Everything Soap is where it's at! Do you know how amazing it as a mom to use ONE product in my home for all my cleaning?! I use Pretty Everything Soap on and for literary everything! From hand soap, a surface cleaner, laundry, and on my dishes that are never ending. :) It is so great and works even better than store bought cleaners or soaps. All of the scents are amazing but Bright Side is my favorite!

Toning Peppermint Mud Mask After a long day, nothing is more relaxing than slabbing this mask on and letting it do the work for me. Detoxes skin, leaves it soft, and this mask is possibly the most refreshing “spa in a jar” experience you’ll ever have.

Pretty Balms Give me all the Pretty Balms. I live off of these. They’re stashed in my purse, in my bag, car, they’re here there everywhere! Plus, Zuzu enjoys them. Since they’re 100% natural, I don’t have to worry about her putting toxins on her body.

Wanderlust Palette This trio gives me life! It’s compact, and easy use in it’s compact case. So if I want a stunning eye look, but I’m in a rush, reaching for this palette is a no brainer. Three shades, a rich brown, medium brown and highlight. LOVE. Plus, I have to give a shoutout to that Kat shade ;-)

Pretty Balms  Serving a dual role as a balm and lipstick makes for any time saver on a mom's watch! Like really what mom has time to try to locate her chapstick and lipstick in the same purse!? Best part is my 6 year old is obsessed with makeup and I don’t have to worry about her grabbing them and ingesting a harmful product!

Eyeshadows  Both loose and pressed. These eyeshadows are so versatile for someone like me constantly on the go, I can use them for my eyes, cheeks and lips, making it the perfect versatile product!

Highlighters  I love these products because I can use them to give me a subtle healthy glow while I do a quick trip to the grocery store or even to a zumba class and not look washed out. This is also one of those products that can be used nearly anywhere on your face to give you options to use versus only one function!


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