Mastering the Everyday Cat Eye with Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner!

Out of all of the questions I get, a repeat one is always 'How do you apply your winged liner with the Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner?' So, I decided to dedicate a post entirely to answering that question! Perfecting the cat eye doesn't have to be complicated. All you need is a steady hand and my favorite tips - listed below!

If you're new to Root, their Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner is a creamy, super long-wearing, and durable liner that comes in pot form. The high opacity makes it my most-loved go-to! And while the Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner only comes in black, you can layer any of Root's Loose Mineral Pigments over top to create a stunning, custom eyeliner! 


The Best Brushes

A precise, high quality brush is the first step in creating the perfect cat eye! Two of my favorites come from Root's new line of Vegan and US made brushes. The #4 Pinpoint Detail Brush is an ideal option for a thin, delicate winged liner look. 

Applied with the #4 Pinpoint Detail Brush

My personal favorite is the #2 Tiny Angle Brush. The angled tip helps with controlling how even your liner applies, while ensuring the perfect flick at the end! I reach for this brush when I want to create a slightly thicker line with equal precision. 

Applied with the #2 Tiny Angle Brush

Don't Overload the Brush

I like to swipe my brush from side to side in the pot to ensure that enough of the product is in the brush and that I'll get an opaque line! However, don't accumulate too much product or you will struggle to create a clean line. A clumpy brush = a clumpy line! I always gently wipe my brush on the side of the pot, or back and forth once or twice on the inside of the lid, to rid the brush of any excess.

Application Steps

When applying my winged liner, I begin in the center of the lid (where I typically want the line to be the thickest.) From here, I move my brush outward in short strokes, gently pulling the line out into a small wing. Below, you can see that I haven't yet brought the line inward. 

At first, I keep the brush as close to my lash line as possible; I can add more product later to increase the size of my line if I'd like to. Next, I move the brush from the point that I started at inward, toward the inner corner of my eye. Using a light hand and the same short strokes, I taper the line (staying right next to my lash line) so that it gets thinner as it gets closet to the inner corner of my eye. From here, I go back in where necessary to thicken and touch up the line, as well as add to the wing if necessary! Short strokes are your best friend, as attempting to draw the line in one long stroke will make mistakes more likely. 

Finished Everyday Cat Eye


How to Remedy Dried Eyeliner

The Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner has a tendency to dry after a while of use. Good news though, the 3/4 full pot doesn't have to go to waste! One super simple way to remedy a Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner that's lost some of its creaminess is to add a drop of the Beauty Sleep Serum into the pot and gently stir. This quickly rehydrates the formula and has it applying like a breeze again! 

Another quick tip is to pop your Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner in the microwave for a couple of seconds, not exceeding 10. Because it is potted in a glass jar there is no worry for melted packaging. It easily restores viscosity to the formula! 


There you have it! Some of my tried and true tips for mastering the Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner! Hopefully some of these can improve your routine and answer questions you may have about learning the art of the everyday cat eye! 

Kelly Ross
Kelly Ross


2017 Root Spokesmodel

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