Is Makeup Primer Really Worth It?

by Kayla Reusche on April 15, 2020

You’ve probably heard time & time again that priming your face for makeup will help your makeup last longer, fill in your pores, even out your skin tone & make your makeup apply smoother. But is that really true? Can one product really make THAT much of a difference?

The short answer is YES! Our Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals is our favorite primer for foundation, but it also does so much more. Pretty Booster is a 4-in-1 product that primes, moisturizes, color corrects & provides great anti-aging benefits. Apply under your foundation or wear alone to customize your coverage. If you asked us what the one makeup product we couldn’t live without is, we’d probably tell you Pretty Booster in a heartbeat.

Keep on reading for our best tips on how to apply Pretty Booster, or watch our latest YouTube video to see it in action.

What Does Pretty Booster Do?


We recommend applying Pretty Booster before your Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation to help prime the skin & make your foundation apply smoother. It will help fill in pores & fine lines & even help your makeup to last longer. (This is a little strange, so bear with us here.) Think of makeup primer like paint primer. Paint primer helps the paint adhere properly & hide imperfections. You wouldn’t want to apply paint straight to the wall without laying down a primer first, right? Well, you are essentially doing the same thing with a makeup primer!


Pretty Booster is also packed with plant-based ingredients to lightly moisturize the skin. Superstar ingredient organic aloe juice, also known as nature’s greatest moisturizer, provides your skin with just the right dose of hydration. Organic jojoba oil also moisturizes, but most impressively, helps balance oil production. You won’t find Pretty Booster to be oily or greasy, but rather a light & creamy texture. 

We still recommend applying your skincare routine before Pretty Booster, as it's meant to aid in hydration, not replace. BUT, when on the go or in a hurry, Pretty Booster is the ultimate one-step base routine.

Color Correct

Pretty Booster provides lightweight, buildable coverage depending on the applicator you use. (More on that later!) With one layer, you can effortlessly blur imperfections & even out the skin tone. With a second layer, you can achieve even more coverage while still keeping it lightweight.

Provide Anti-Aging Benefits

One of the best parts about Pretty Booster is that it actually benefits your skin while you wear it, turning it into BOTH skincare & makeup. Organic aloe juice, combined with other powerful ingredients like tocopherol, DMAE & carrot oil, help prevent & reverse signs of aging, wrinkles & dark spots. Cheers to that!

BONUS: Contains Natural SPF

Pretty Booster also contains great SPF. Our tinted versions get their natural SPF components from titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, carrot seed oil & meadowfoam seed oil. While our tinted versions have the most SPF with the addition of titanium dioxide & zinc oxide, our clear Pretty Booster contains a small amount of SPF - making both great for daily wear.


Application Methods

Pretty Blender: Light to Medium Coverage

Our Pretty Blender is the best applicator for those who prefer dewy, light to medium coverage. Always prep your Pretty Blender by running it under water & gently squeezing out the excess. Your Pretty Blender should be damp during application, but not wet to the point where there is water inside.

Pump the Pretty Booster straight onto your Pretty Blender & start pressing the product into your skin. This will be the best method to reduce the appearance of pores & fine lines.

Pretty Tip: If you want to minimize your pores & fine lines even more, use our Organic Aloe Setting Silk before or after applying Pretty Booster. You want to use pressing motions, instead of dragging, to smooth out those problem areas.

#70 Airbrush Foundation Kabuki: Medium to Full Coverage

If you prefer more medium to full coverage, you’ll want to apply with our #70 Airbrush Foundation Kabuki. The short, dense bristles seamlessly blend the product for an airbrushed finish. Apply the Pretty Booster straight to your brush & buff the product into your skin using circular motions. Top it off with a layer of Organic Aloe Setting Silk & stop there for lighter coverage or apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation for more.

Bonus Tips
  • Pretty Booster is a very buildable, yet lightweight, product. For more coverage, simply apply a second layer.
  • Always start with less product & build the coverage as desired. One to two pumps will be plenty of product for a full face.
  • If you desire more coverage, apply our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation on top.

As a powerful primer, moisturizer, color corrector & anti-aging product, you can see why we’re (more than) slightly obsessed with Pretty Booster. Available in 10 shades, as well as untinted, you can grab three samples of Pretty Booster or Pearl Powder for FREE! Just click here to redeem the offer. Not sure what shade is best for you? Send us a photo of yourself in natural lighting with no makeup on to, & a beauty expert will help color match you.

by Elizabeth Layden on June 19, 2020

Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been using my pretty blender wrong and when I tried the stippling instead of rubbing it went on even better than before. Also the order of how to apply the products is so helpful.

by Debbie Bugezia on May 06, 2020

I love my Pretty Booster and apply it with a brush. ❤️


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