How to Get the Perfect Halo Eye

by Kayla Reusche on December 11, 2019

Makeup trends come & go, but one technique that will always be here to stay is the halo eye! This technique is all about strategically placing your eyeshadows to make your eyes appear bigger & brighter. Depending on the colors you use, you can make it dramatic & bold or simple & chic. If you think this is too advanced for you, think again! Just check out Sharice’s step-by-step tutorial below & you’ll be rockin’ the halo eye in no time.

    1. Prime your eyes. Sharice started with our Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener for a matte base. This helps prevent creasing & ensures that your eyeshadows last all day. For best application, warm up a small amount between your fingers before applying.

    2. Apply a mid-toned shade. Apply a mid-toned shade like Boots Eyeliner + Eyeshadow all over the crease, extending well beyond the lid. Don’t be afraid to drag this shade into the inner third of your eye for that extra dimension - this is what will help your eyes really POP!

    3. Darken the outer corner. Next, apply a deep shade like Pursuit Eyeshadow to the outer corner. Here Sharice applied it wet to deepen the intensity. This will create the illusion that your eyes are so big that they are casting a shadow.

    4. Make the lid pop. Use a shimmery shade to highlight the center of the lid. Sharice used White Gold Illuminator wet to make the eyes pop & appear brighter.

    5. Highlight the inner corner. While the main focus is on the center of your lid, you’ll want to add a pop of White Gold to the inner corner, too. This really helps brighten up the eyes & uplift the face!

    6. Optional: create a cat eye. If you want your eyes to appear even bigger, create a small cat eye. This step is totally optional as you can still create a stunning look without eyeliner, but it will just help extend & lengthen the eyes even more! Here Sharice used Black Beauty Eyeliner + Eyeshadow applied wet with the #4 Pin Point Detail Brush.

    7. Finish with mascara. Finish up the look with a few coats of 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara!

Told you it wasn’t as hard as it sounds! The halo eye is a must for those who want their eyes to look bigger & brighter. Want more tutorials? Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for daily makeup inspo!


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by Barb on December 18, 2019

Is it true that I can send a photo and you will recommend which products I should use?


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