How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners

by Kayla Reusche on July 09, 2020

If eyeshadow intimidates you, you’re not alone. BUT trust us when we say it is easier than it looks! We’re breaking down everything you need to know about eyeshadow & by the end, you’ll be a pro.

Types of Eyeshadow

We have three types of eyeshadows at Root, but which one should you choose? Spoiler alert: It really comes down to your preference in packaging.

Loose Eyeshadows

Our loose eyeshadows are the first eyeshadows we created, so they will always hold a special place in our hearts! They offer insane color payoff, so it’s easy to control how much pigment you want. You can also apply them wet for an intense, metallic look. (For a more in-depth tutorial on how to apply eyeshadows wet, click here!) But don’t let the intensity intimidate you - our loose eyeshadows are extremely easy to blend out. We have all types of finishes from matte to satin to shimmer, but with any of our eyeshadows, the more you blend, the more matte they will become.

If you are sensitive to plant extracts or oils, our loose eyeshadows will be your best friend as they contain just pure minerals, with some including carnauba wax. Another great thing about our loose eyeshadows is that they last forever! The shelf life of our loose eyeshadows with carnauba wax is 10 years, but if they don’t contain carnauba wax, they never expire!

Pressed Eyeshadows

Our pressed eyeshadows offer the same great versatility as our loose eyeshadows, just in a different form. You’ll find 45 pressed eyeshadows in all different shades & finishes. We especially love our pressed cosmetics for convenience. If you’re on the go, you can throw everything into a Pretty Forever Palette or bring a single shade with you in a Pretty Forever Compact.

Our pressed eyeshadows are all mineral pigments with the addition of a few more oils & plant extracts used in the pressing process. Because of the addition of these oils, our pressed eyeshadows have a shelf life of two years.

Cream Eyeshadows

Our Pretty Paint Cream Eyeshadows are the newest addition to our eyeshadow collection, & we can’t get enough! They effortlessly glide onto the eyes with a single swipe & an intense, vibrant finish. We love to apply our cream eyeshadows with our fingers for quick & easy application - it makes the perfect one-shade look for us busy gals on the go! Speaking of being on the go, our Pretty Paints are packaged in a metal tin, meaning they also fit in the bottom layer of our Pretty Forever Palette for easy convenience when traveling.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

There aren’t any rules in makeup, so feel free to get creative! Don’t worry so much about planning out your whole look so it matches perfectly - just wear what you like. For a basic eyeshadow look, you’ll likely want an eyeshadow primer & three eyeshadows: a light or shimmery shade, a medium-toned shade & a darker shade.

Eyeshadow Primer. First things first is applying an eyeshadow primer. This will help your eyeshadow last longer & create a smooth, even base. In Episode 6 of Beauty School 101 above, Krista decided to use one of our loose eyeshadows, Shell, as her primer. She applied it wet with Pretty Mist to create a bright base. You can also use our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation applied wet, our Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector or our Under Eye Brightener as your primer. The options are endless!

Click here to learn which eyeshadow primer will work best for you.

Crease/Outer Corner. Generally, you’re going to want to apply a medium-toned shade to the crease & outer corner. Krista chose Joan Pressed Eyeshadow, a dusty rose shade to buff into the crease. Remember, wherever you place your brush first is where you will get the most pigment, so that is typically in the outer corner or crease. Don’t worry about being too precise here because we will blend it out!

Lid Shade. For Krista’s lid shade, she choose Portland Loose Eyeshadow. This is a gorgeous light shimmery tan color which will make your lids POP. You can really choose any color you want for the lid, but if you’re going for an everyday look, we like to keep it light & bright.

Inner Corner. To make your eyes appear even more open & bright, apply a super light or shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Krista chose Lauren Cream Eyeshadow for this step. We love applying our inner corner shade last so it really makes a statement!

Finish up with a coat of 100% Lash Mascara, & you will be finished with a quick & easy eye look in less than five minutes. While we love dramatic & bold eye looks, it’s not always the most practical. If you’re anything like us, most of the time we are in a hurry & need something that is quick & easy. This fool-proof eyeshadow guide will be your bff!


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