Guide to Flawless Concealer

When it comes to a finished makeup look, concealers can make a world of difference! Root offers several stand up, all natural concealers to help you do the trick. And, there are a plethora of ways to apply them. Use our handy guide to find the products we recommend for your skin type and desired coverage!

We carry three core products that are ideal for concealing: Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector, Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation and Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener. All three do wonders on their own, and can work together for your ideal coverage.

First, find your skin type & locate your desired coverage. Then follow to the product directions below to learn how to apply these products like a PRO.

Guide to Flawless Concealer using all natural and organic makeup!

Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector

Our Prime + Conceal Corrector pans will provide coverage and moisture to help brighten and even out any uneven areas, including under eye. It contains nourishing ingredients, like Vitamin E and Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, to soften lines, and heal dry skin.

To wear on it’s own, select a shade closest to your skin tone. Apply with your finger, or one of our custom vegan brushes (like the #22 Concealer Brush or #10 Small Flat Brush), to the desired area. Gently blend in! If you want a brightened look (for instance, under your eyes), try selecting a shade 1-2 levels lighter than your skin tone.

We always recommend setting your Prime + Conceal with either our Pearl Powder Foundation or Setting Silk so the concealer won’t budge!

Knockout Prime + Conceal

While some people struggle with blue or purple under eye circles, have no fear, we have the product you’ve been searching for. Our Knockout Prime + Conceal Cream Corrector will impress you to no end. The red salmon color counteracts pesky blue tones, completely knocking them out. Try applying this product with our #10 Small Flat Brush. Because of the unique color of this product you will need to apply foundation over top to have it blend in with your complexion. Of course set it all with the very wonderful Setting Silk!

Extra Tip: To really knock out those dark circles, try applying our Knockout Prime + Conceal Corrector first, and Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener on top. Follow up with your Pearl Powder Foundation and Setting Silk.

Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation

If you’re a multi-purpose-product type of person, making our Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation into a liquid concealer with a touch of water will be your thing! Our Pearl Powder has no fillers, so when you add a drop of water to it, it will create a super creamy & pigmented concealer! For spot concealing, tap a little product into your foundation cap, wet your finger, then mix your finger in the powder. Apply as needed with your finger or our favorite blending tool, our Pretty Blender. Our #10 Small Flat Brush (shown above) is great for detailed concealing. Blend edges with your kabuki brush for a seamless finish.

Extra Tip #1: For full coverage liquid makeup all over, add a few drops of water to your foundation, mix and apply with a prepped Pretty Blender or our #64 Fluffy Kabuki Brush to your entire face. As always, don’t forget to set it with Setting Silk!

Extra Tip #2: You can also dip a prepped Pretty Blender into your dry Pearl Powder for fuller coverage and without needing to mix it to a liquid.

Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener

Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener

Our Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener’s formula holds up especially well to oily skin with its matte texture, and brightens your face (giving you that well-rested look we all want). Don’t be afraid to use this product with dryer skin, simply apply our Fair Prime + Conceal first.

To brighten your under eye area, start by applying Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener in an upside down triangle right below your eyes. We love blending it in with our #22 Concealer Brush, but your fingers work great as well! Start with a tiny bit of product, as you can always add more. Depending on your brightness preference, apply powder/liquid foundation on top, being sure to blend edges and set with Setting Silk.

Extra Tip: When applying Hello Pretty Under Eye Brightener with your fingers, warm up half a pump in between your two pointer fingers. This will help the product blend easier, rather than blending so much on our delicate eye area, you've already prepped the product by warming it up first.


The possibilities are endless with Root's products! With just one or a combination of products, you will surely find your desired coverage that works with your skin type.

Need help selecting shades or figuring out your skin type? We are always here to help! Simply email with an unfiltered, naturally lit photo of your face with a description of your skin type and we’ll recommend what will work best for you!
Julie Mueller
Julie Mueller


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