Everything You Need to Know About Diluting Essential Oils

by Kayla Reusche on July 09, 2019

Essential oils can be used & enjoyed by pretty much anyone for a variety of purposes. You can diffuse them, use them for cleaning, for emotional & health benefits - the possibilities are endless! When diluted, you can even use essential oils on your skin, but you should never ingest them. The most important thing to remember with Essential Oils: dilute, dilute, dilute!

When Should You Dilute Essential Oils?

You should always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil (unless you’re diffusing it). A carrier oil is a base that will dilute the essential oil & make it safer to apply. You should always research dilution recommendations for an essential oil & the particular way you want to use it. Some populations like children & pregnant/nursing mothers may have different dilution recommendations, so be cautious of that, too.

When using one of our nebulizing diffusers, dilution is not necessary. All of Root’s Organic Essential Oils (OEOs) can be diffused at full strength to fill the room with a delicious aroma.

Dilution Guidelines

All of the dilution recommendations for Root’s OEOs are on the product pages. If you’re recommended a 1% dilution rate, this means the number of drops of the essential oil you’re going to use is 1% of the volume of the bottle you’re using.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. This chart breaks down exactly how many drops of essential oils you should use based on the bottle’s volume and the dilution recommendation. (The chart below is based up on the average adult, and should not be referenced when diluting for children or pregnant/nursing women.)

Root Organic Essential Oil Dilution Chart

So if your base oil/carrier oil is in a 15ml bottle & the dilution recommendation is 1%, you will need to add only 4 drops of your essential oil. You can mix the blend in whatever bottle works best for you, just keep in mind the needed dilution ratio. If using the blend for cleaning, you may want to use a spray bottle, but if using topically, you may want to mix in a roller bottle for easy application. 

When diluting essential oils & applying them topically, always start with less & increase as needed. Essential oils are very powerful, so you don’t need much for them to be effective.

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