Easy 5 Minute Work From Home Makeup Routine

by Kayla Reusche on April 29, 2020

Our team has been working from home for over a month now, & one thing that’s for sure is that our makeup routines have drastically changed. It’s no longer full-on glam, but rather something functional, & most importantly, quick & easy. It’s tempting to lounge out in sweats every day, but we’ve found that putting some makeup on makes a huge difference in our overall productivity & mood. Look good, feel good!

If you’re working from home during this quarantine & want to look your best for virtual meetings or are just looking for an easy routine, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 5-minute work from home makeup routine.

Haylee's Work From Home Look


The base is something we never skip out on - even on our laziest days. Pretty Booster provides the perfect natural coverage as a 4-in-1 lightweight primer, moisturizer, color corrector & anti-aging product. Pretty Booster evens out your skin tone while being super lightweight & moisturizing.

The best part about Pretty Booster is that the coverage is totally customizable. If you have a video call & want more coverage, try using two layers with our #70 Airbrush Foundation Kabuki. But if you have a chill day or are just doing your makeup for fun, one layer may be enough. To find which method is best for you, check out our Pretty Booster tips & tricks here.


Concealer isn’t always a necessity, but for the days you want a bit more coverage or have a virtual meeting to attend, you’re gonna want it! If you have dark circles or blue/purple veins, our Knockout Prime + Conceal will be your best friend. The salmon undertones of this shade correct the blue/purple tones of under eye circles as they’re opposite on the color wheel. Our concealer is super lightweight & creamy, packed full of nourishing ingredients to leave your skin moisturized & soften fine lines. Simply apply with your fingers or use our #22 Concealer Brush for more precision.

If brightening is a goal of yours, you can also add a Prime + Conceal a couple shades lighter than your skin tone on top of where you placed the Knockout shade. Don’t forget to bring this onto your lids as well to color correct & prime your eyes for eyeshadow.


Even if you want a super minimal look, we still recommend filling in your brows with our Brow Powder or Pomade. Filling in your brows frames the face, opens up your eyes & makes you look more put together.

The goal here isn’t perfectly snatched brows - we’re going for something a little more natural. Start at the arch of your brow & work in short, feathery strokes. You should be focusing on the arch & tail of your brow, filling in any sparse areas along the way. Leave the front of your brows mostly untouched for a more natural look.

Not sure where to even start when it comes to brows? Check out our guide to perfectly natural brows.


Especially if you’re tuning in to a video chat, you may want to add bronzer to define your features. Our Original Bronze is a shade that looks great on EVERYONE. Start at your temples & draw a “3” shape on your face - going from your temples, to your cheekbones, to your jawline. This will warm up your face & add some color & definition.

For our fool-proof tutorial on how to apply bronzer, click here.


We like to keep the eyes super simple while working from home. First, add a medium-depth shade to your crease to open up your eyes & add definition. We love using the same bronzer from before as our crease shade to keep things cohesive & simple.

Next, choose any light shade to add to your lids. Champagne Cake is one of our favorites as it can also be used as a highlighter if you’re feeling up for the extra glow. Using light, bright shades on your lids will bring a brightness to your eyes & make you look more awake than you really are.

Blush + Lips

Now it’s time to add more color to your cheeks with a blush of your choice. Blush is one of our all-time favorite products, & something we never skip out on, even while working from home!

If you love ease & convenience, you’ve gotta check out our Pretty Paint Cream Blush + Lips. Our Pretty Paints are very buildable, allowing you to have a soft wash of color on natural days or a bolder look for those days with virtual meetings. Our Pretty Paints can also be used on your lips, knocking out two steps at once! Just use your finger to apply straight to your cheeks & lips for a gorgeous, natural glow.

Pretty Tip: The best way to apply our Pretty Paint Cream Blush + Lip is to use tapping or stippling motions rather than blending. This makes sure your foundation & other products underneath stay put & don’t get disrupted.


The final step is adding a coat (or two) of 100% Lash Mascara. Our mascara not only gives your lashes amazing volume, length & natural definition, but it’s also packed with amazing ingredients to nourish & strengthen your lashes.

If you have a video call, our black mascara will be your best bet. This will give your lashes a little more definition & make them stand out against your eyes. But if you don’t have any virtual meetings & want something a bit softer, our brown mascara is a hidden gem!

Now that you’re ready to create a flawless work from home look in less than five minutes, we’d love to see your looks! Tag us @rootpretty & use the hashtag #rootpretty for a chance to be featured on our feed. For even more makeup inspo, check out our Root Pretty Club Facebook Group where customers share their favorite looks & tips!

by Brittany on May 06, 2020

I had never thought about using the original bronze as a crease shade on the eye. Started using this after I watched the virtual event and read the blog, and I am in love! Thanks for the tip!

by Katie on May 06, 2020

Thanks for the tips! I feel like I look washed out on Zoom calls and I’m definitely going to add bronzer to my routine after reading this. I loved your Instagram live on this topic too!


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