Lip + Eye Pairings

on February 25, 2016
The first rule of eye and lip color pairings is that...there are no rules! However, if you need a little guidance as to what colors will flatter one another, read on!
When going super smoky on the eyes with a metallic charcoal gray like Stainless, keep the lips a little more minimal by swiping on a Pretty Balm in a nude shade like Marsala. This will keep the focus on the eyes and the lips won't be competing. The lips will also create a soft contrast to your sexy eye look.
If you're going bold on the lips, with a shade like Lucy Pretty Gloss, you can take it easier on the eyes by using a neutral, matte tone. Sunkissed is a great, understated pick for this. You can even skip shadow all together and just do a simple, clean liner. One more thing to consider is undertone. A warm red lip goes great with a warm tan shadow, a cool purple-toned gloss pairs well with a cool tone shadow like taupe and so on.
You don't always have to contrast. Sometimes monochromatic is the way to go! Using the same tones on your eyes and lips is an easy way to create a cohesive, pulled together look. Tigerlily and Chloe Pretty Gloss are a great duo as well as purple tones like Jama Pretty Gloss and Olivia Eyeshadow

More than anything, if a combo makes you feel great, wear it with pride! Make sure to tag #rootpretty on Instagram so we can be inspired by all of your combinations!

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