FREE PRINTABLE • Root Pretty Balm Valentine!

In 5 super simple steps, a short list of supplies & your favorite Root Pretty Balms (a.k.a. lip candy), you will have the prettiest Valentines around! Any & every gal in your life will love these adorable valentines + this sweet treat for their pout. • Free printables designed by DillyLou Creative Design

What you need:

  • Root Pretty Balm
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Double sided tape
  • Washi tape
  • 8.5x11 Cardstock Paper- to print the Valentine’s
  • 8.5x11 Regular Copy Paper - to print Valentine Envelopes
Step 1 (Download + Print):
    1. Start by downloading our free Valentine pdfs:
      2. PRINTUse cardstock paper for the Valentines and regular paper for the Envelopes. You will want to print these double sided and make sure you printer is set to print “actual size"
      PRINTING TIP • There are 2 PDF files to print:
      1. The Valentines which have two pages for the front and back (two fit on one 8.5x11)
      2. The Envelopes for the Valentines which have four pages (front and back for two envelopes, one side per page) The envelopes have four different designs and you can mix them up to be the front or back as you choose! 

      Step 2 (CHOP CHOP):
      Cut out all the pieces & carefully use the exacto knife to cut out the rectangle where the Pretty Balm rests.
      Insert Pretty Balm in the cut out and apply washi tape on the back side of the Valentine to ensure it stays in place.
      Step 4 (SECURE ENVELOPE):
      Fold the envelopes on the dotted lines and use double-sided tape to secure the flaps into place.
      Step 5 (SEAL WITH A KISS):
      Place the Valentine in the envelope and seal with a piece of washi tape & you're ready to give your pretty Valentines!

      Happy Valentine's Day from your Root family!



      P.S. These Valentine’s are free for personal use. You may also download at

      Krista Dolash
      Krista Dolash


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