COLOR SPOTLIGHT: Jasmine, Emma + Punch Love


Like a magic carpet ride with Aladdin, our Jasmine eyeshadow is truly magical! With a unique combination of gold, bronze and even purple pigments, it’s unlike any you’ve seen before. We like to describe it as Janessa’s bronzed sister! You just have to experience it! See how it applies in this video.

We've been totally daydreaming about springy pastels and pink macaron cookies and our Pretty Gloss in Emma is setting the mood! This perfect carnation pink can be worn sheer or built up. See what we mean here!

Then, for cheeks that are healthy and glowing, we love the punch of color that our Punch Love blush creates. We love it so much that we created a Pretty Balm in the same shade! Watch our video to get an idea of how Punch Love Mineral Blush looks when applied.

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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