How to Apply Gel Eyeliner 3 Ways

Gel eyeliner can be intimidating at first and it can take more than a few tries before you really get the hang of it. Root’s Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner is unlike any you’ve tried before, with staying power like none other. It might take you a minute to get used to working with a gel liner and brush but no worries! We’re here to help! Sometimes, you just need to find the perfect brush. Here’s how to apply our Pretty All Day Gel Eyeliner with 3 different brushes!

Bent Eyeliner Brush
This brush is great because you can get that much closer to the mirror, due to it’s bent shape. I like to lay it on my lash line, starting in the center of the lid, working outwards, then going back in and filling in from the inner corner to the center.

Flat Line Brush
This brush is perfect for stamping liner onto the lash line and lining the inner and upper rims of the eye too!

Angled Brush
This brush is my favorite for creating winged out cat eyes. You can lift up the pressure as you get to the tail end for the perfect point!

Colored Liner
If you wish Root made a brown, navy or charcoal liner, you probably already have it! By stamping eyeshadows like Midnight Mocha, In the Navy, Berry Matte and others right on top of gel liner, you can create any color you desire! Try it!

Ivy Boyd
Ivy Boyd


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