2016 Root Model Search • Round 5 Finalists

by Krista Dolash on November 07, 2015

Meet our incredible Round 5 finalists. For Round 5 all models were asked to create 5 mock Instagram posts & their final 5 minute video, telling us why they would make the very best Root Spokesmodel.

Our Spokesmodel will be a huge representation of the voice of our company for 2016. She will represent Root at events as well as run her own Instagram for the year.

Along with our 2016 Spokesmodel, 10 girls are official Root models. Those girls will also have opportunities to travel with Root & run their own Instagram if they choose too. Our models are dear to our heart & will always be a huge part of Root.

Meet our finalists...

Jenna C.


Kara P.



Abigail B.




Katherine N.



Mattanah D.



Samantha B.


Brittan W.








Tamara S.


Terrin C.


Monica T.



Haleigh S.



Gabrielle M.




Jennifer J.



Klairese T.



Jessica H.



Lindsay L.




Savannah G.




Shauna W.



THANK YOU, MODELS! You gals have worked so hard! You should all be proud of making it to Round 5. You are all so very talented & beautiful inside & out. I love you all.




Meet our Judges & Sponsors

A huge thanks to all of our sponsors & judges!

Nikki Hynek
, Creator & FounderDollup Beauty has sponsored 11 Dollup Beauty Cases

Melanie Hurley, Founder Sophi Nail Polish has sponsored 11 Sophi Nail Polish prize packages

Letty Cabrera-Calvo, Founder • Vera Mona has sponsored 11 ColorSwitch Solos

Ivy Boyd
, Blogger & Makeup Artist Wakeup for Makeup & Root's Beauty Blogger

Nicole Gulick
, Beauty Manager at Root

Liz Quick,
2015 Root Spokesmodel


Spokesmodel Grand Prize
$2,500 cash, Root products for a year, a Canon G7X Camera plus a swag bag of great products from our sponsors!
Our 2016 Root Spokesmodel will represent us on social media & at events for the entire 2016 year. She will run her own Root Instagram & join us for events throughout the year.

10 Root Model Prizes
A prize package worth $250 including Root, Vera Mona ColorSwitch, Sophi Nail Polish & Dollup Beauty.
Our 10 Root models may also elect to run their own model Instagram where they will become Root affiliates & earn commission, receive an employee discount & join us for events throughout their time with Root.


Who has your vote? Leave us a comment!

by Janet Hoover on December 20, 2015

My vote is Tamara S, she produced a awesome video, is a beautiful woman, and truely endorses this product. I’m not one to wear much make up, but she has convinced me to try some.

by Jennifer Peters on November 11, 2015

Katherine Nizzi!! She is an amazing amazing friend and momma! We met at a park with our littles and I think she is one of the most lovely-hearted ladies I’ve ever met ?

by Stephanie Ferrari on November 11, 2015

Katherine N. Has my vote for sure!
Beautiful and talented woman that will be a great spokesmodel for your company.

by Heather Guinn on November 11, 2015

My vote goes to Tamara S. I loved her video and watching how many ways she has used your products. She has convinced me to checkout your line of products!!

by Chrissy on November 10, 2015

Lindsay L. has my vote lovely woman and beautiful.

by Tara on November 10, 2015

Katherine has my vote!

by Stacie on November 09, 2015

All of these ladies are beautiful in their own ways. As far as who I would like to see running Instagrams next year, I prefer real Root customers rather than casual users or other professionals in the beauty/wellness field. I want to see women who were exclusively or almost exclusively using the products before the contest, otherwise it seems disingenuous. On a side note, I think Hayleigh makes AWESOME videos and I like that she does them herself. Best of luck to all of the ladies and to the judges!

by Brenda on November 09, 2015

Katherine N. Is my fav!

by Janny N on November 09, 2015

Haleigh S has made vote! She’s so beautiful inside and out! She will be a fabulous spokesmodel.

by Laura unfreid on November 09, 2015

Kara Pennington!

by Faith beaven on November 09, 2015

I vote Kara Pennington. I love her youtube videos about root. I love how easy it is to follow her instructions on how to use the product (she is very clear, concise, and to the point and makes it fun) and I think the models are all gorgeous but there is something extra beautiful about Kara with her red hair and gorgeous eyes!

by Ashley on November 09, 2015

I vote for beautiful Kara Pennington!

by Janelle on November 08, 2015

Kara Pennington!

by Elaine Rains on November 08, 2015

I loved Katherine Nizzi’s video and think she would be a great spokesmodel for Root. I also plan to follow up with checking out Root for myself. I am 74 years old and have always loved using makeup. Your products sound just like what I have been looking for. Good luck, Katherine!

by Jackie Williams on November 08, 2015

Kara Pennington is beautiful! I’ve used Clinique for years, but because of her testimonial I’m very intrigued and interested in trying your makeup line. She has made me a believer! I really believe she would be the best spokesperson out of all the candidates and am rooting for her to win! Go Kara!

by Lacey on November 08, 2015

Katherine from Des Moines has my vote! Beautiful and inspiring sTories from all of the models! Great job ladies!

by D Woodham on November 08, 2015

Kara P has my vote!

by Christina Hoffer on November 08, 2015

Lindsay Lawson is absolutely adoreable!❤.

by sarah salisbury on November 08, 2015

I vote for Brittan Weaver to be your 2016 Spokesmodel!

by Adrienne Tice on November 08, 2015

Lindsay L. Has my vote! Beautiful display of the makeup and so real!

by Diane Forsythe on November 08, 2015

Shauna Wood has my vote. SHe is a young and very friendly lady with a gift to relate such things as ROOT. I feel a person who is honest each day is the type of person you need to represent a new and growing company. Good luck Shauna….

by Maria on November 08, 2015

Casting my vote for Kara P! Gorgeous photos!

by Nancy on November 08, 2015

Finalist Katherine N – you’re fabulous!

by Jacqueline on November 08, 2015

Brittan has my vote! She is a natural beauty!

by Mariya on November 08, 2015

I am loving Brittan and Kara!! Those two get my vote(s)! :)

by Jenny Hamand on November 08, 2015

I vote for Katherine N. She had a natural presence and speaks very honestly and openly. I believe she would represent Root well.

by Wendy on November 08, 2015

Love Katherine! Beautiful inside and out!

by Dana Strack on November 08, 2015

I am so impressed with the mission behind your products. The candidates all are great, but the woman that stands out for me as the “Root” spokeswoman is Gabrielle Mowry. She is poised and passionate about health and wellness. Good luck with your endeavors.

by Cristy Lynn on November 08, 2015

Jessica H. Not only is she stunningly beautiful – she has the heart and spirit to match her outer beauty! .p

by Cheryl on November 08, 2015

The soft beauty of Jenna C

by anna on November 08, 2015

Go Haleigh!!

by Kelly Goeke on November 08, 2015

Yay, Haleigh!

by Beth Brady on November 08, 2015

Jessica Holloway, all the way!

by Rosie amira on November 08, 2015

My vote is for Kara Pennington she is beautiful inside and out, and would make a perfect spokesperson for your product.

by Catherine Kelly on November 08, 2015

i really like Jenna’s photos and video. Pick Jenna!

by Natalie M on November 08, 2015

I love Haleigh Steere! Vote for her! :)

by Lenora Veyon on November 08, 2015

I’m voting for Lindsay Lawson. She is absolutely stunning and deserves this. She doesn’t do it for her but for the glory of God.

by Thad Oldham on November 08, 2015

Jessica Holloway rocks!
Great person & Great family.

by Kristallyn on November 07, 2015

Kara, you are so gorgeous!

by Havilah on November 07, 2015

Jessica H. Has my vote!!

by Chris, Again... on November 07, 2015


by Chris on November 07, 2015


by Kim on November 07, 2015

My vote goes to JenniferJones Ruiz. By far the most down to earth m, sincere spokes model you could have! Her video sold me on products! I want them all!!

by Jay on November 07, 2015

Pick Jenna C she is amazing

by Angela salyer on November 07, 2015

Lindsay Lawson would make a wonderful spokesperson/model for Root. She truly believes in this product. She is a beauty both inside and out.

by Tammy Grace on November 07, 2015

Lindsay L. From Ohio is my vote. She’s already brought such awareness to your products. I might be walking away from Arbonne, after 10 years, to try a better, safer, more cost effective product.

by Lea on November 07, 2015

Lindsay L.!!!!

by Laurel on November 07, 2015


by Julie on November 07, 2015

Love Jessica h, super awesome story and very relatable!!

by Amy on November 07, 2015

Jenna! I have bee following Jenna on YouTube for a few years now. I alway love watching her videos as soon as they pop up. She is one of only a few truly natural beauty vloggers out there and I would love to see her win.

by Jen Newman on November 07, 2015

These are all very beautiful ladies but Katherine N has to be my favorite!!! What a natural beauty!

by jojomatt on November 07, 2015

I vote for Tamara S.

by Kelsi Thompson on November 07, 2015

My vote is for Lindsay Lawson!!!!!!

by Faith on November 07, 2015

Tamara and Katherine have my votes!!
They both live such true natural lives- it is inspiring!! Love them both!!!
Xx Faith

by Kelsey on November 07, 2015

Tamara S!!! She’s an incredible mama, a natural beauty and a true encouraging soul!! Love following her on Instagram and hope she is the next Root Pretty Model!!!

by Rachel on November 07, 2015

My vote is for Jenna. She’s amazing and so personable!

by Karen Jones on November 07, 2015

Jennifer J has my vote! She’s not only very beautiful, she is elegance and girl next door all in one! When I look at her pictures, I can’t help but think: I want what she’s wearing!

by Tiffani on November 07, 2015

SO many beautiful girls! I would hate to have to make a choice. ;) I love Savannah. I love her honesty and simplicity—although I feel all the girls have that. I have enjoyed following in this journey and seeing all the beautiful Root products daily in following the girls on Instagram! Good luck to ALL of the ladies!


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