Eyeshadows To Enhance Your Eye Color

by Ivy Boyd on November 04, 2015

The first rule of choosing an eyeshadow color is that there are no rules! Any eye color can wear any eyeshadow color. However, when you want to really make your eyes stand out, these colors are suggestions to do just that. Check out our latest video about this on our YouTube channel!

If you have blue eyes, your eyes are essentially a cool color-temperature wise. To create impact, we want to choose the opposite-a warm color. Bronze, gold and rose gold shades will do just that.

For green eyes, colors in the purple and berry family look beautiful, as well as coppery shades if your eyes are more of a cool gray green. 

If you have brown eyes, lucky you! Brown is a neutral shade and tends to look gorgeous in every eyeshadow color. Brown eyes are usually warm in tone so choosing cool shades like charcoals, blues, deep eggplants and lilac/taupes is always a safe bet.


For hazel eyes, you’ve got the best of both worlds. You can choose to play up more of the green with a burgundy or pink or bring out the brown with a cool tone like navy. 


Of course neutrals work for everyone! These shades can be combined with the previously mentioned enhancer shades to create a perfectly well-rounded look.


by Kate on November 08, 2015

Lindsay L.

by Jenn Salyer on November 08, 2015

Lindsay L!! All the way! I know her personally and she has had several conversations that have led to root! I never cared about natural products but I love makeup and she’s convincing me natural makes a difference! She’s hilarious, fun, down to earth, everyone’s friend and completely dedicated!

by Abby on November 07, 2015

Go, Lindsay L! :)


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